Open RAR files and create archives on Mac with no fuss [Video tutorial]

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Mac can’t read RAR files, which can cause frustration when accessing and archiving important RAR documents. So today, we’re teaching you about our favorite tool for opening RAR files on Mac.

Jump to:

  • 00:09 Why archives are important
  • 00:22 The difference between RAR and ZIP files for Mac
  • 00:37 How to preview & organize files with BetterZip
  • 00:56 How to use preset workflows with BetterZip
  • 01:34 How to create Betterzip archives
  • 01:48 Try BetterZip for free on Setapp

What is it about?

When we are dealing with digital archives from partners, we use BetterZip. That’s because the app’s vast range of features makes unarchiving on Mac easier than ever before. Take its preview tool, for instance, which lets you view, delete, and rename archived files without the hassle of extracting them.

But if you do need to extract files, check out the preset workflows that set BetterZip apart. With this time-saving feature, you can create custom action sequences that automate archive processing, turning file extraction from a long and laborious task into a one-click job.

We also teach you how to create password-protected archives in seconds using BetterZip’s comprehensive data encryption tools, so when it comes to security, you can sit back and relax.

Open RAR files with ease and streamline your workflow by taking advantage of BetterZip on Setapp. And for further information, take a look at our article on how to open RAR files on Mac.

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