How to use a countdown on a Mac desktop [Video tutorial]

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Have an exciting event coming up or an important meeting you can’t afford to miss? Why not try a desktop timer? We’ll show you the best way to add a countdown timer to your desktop so you can stay on top of all your important events.

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  • 00:20 How to create countdown widgets with Waiting List
  • 00:41 How to customize your Waiting List timer
  • 00:59 How to set up your countdown with Waiting List
  • 01:31 Waiting List’s upcoming features
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What is it about?

We love countdown timers, so today, we’ll take a look at the best tools for Mac.

We’re starting with Waiting List. Waiting List is a stylish desktop timer that gives you the power to add countdown widgets exactly where you want them. You’re not limited by number or appearance, either, as the app’s extensive range of widgets and skins allows for limitless customizability. We’ll show you exactly how to get your timer running.

Looking for more? With Setapp, you can explore plenty of other neat timer apps, too. Just like Waiting List, Moment lets you set countdown timers to unmissable events. But its notification options and progress-tracking tools are what really sets it apart.

And for persistent reminders for work-related tasks, why not try Due? Another great timer, Due is the perfect workday companion.

And, if you’re still looking into the countdown and timer apps for Mac, read all on how to put a countdown on Mac desktop.

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