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Procrastination away? Too heavy a word for the headline. Because it’s too heavy a concept. No one enjoys procrastination! Even those who may say they do. Procrastination is completely separate from relaxing or taking a break — it’s a prying mood that claws one away from work they intended to do at the present time. Admit it, it’s brutal.

Spare a second, let apps do the work

While some apps come 'round at just the right time – say, a color palette tool for design work – others are built for use at all hours of the day. A password manager like Secrets, besides providing computer privacy and security, saves vital seconds on each login. When seconds add up to minutes and minutes to hours, well, it would foolish not to implement such a software. Actually, come to think of it, the most valuable apps don't promise too much in terms of productivity — the ones that work really do save just seconds throughout the day. Secrets is available on Setapp, free to try.

secrets password creation

Logins are arduous without a password manager, but what about the more mundane? Copy and paste is something you've already done two hundred thousand times today without even thinking about it. The frequency we C and V between devices increases as the gap between mobile operating systems narrows. Paste is the sort of application that enables smooth clipboard management in a brilliant UI. Paste is also available via Setapp, as are the other brilliant solutions to be mentioned.

clipboard management

Then there are the simpler apps. The share menu on Mac could be so much better. It should be. And it will be with a lightweight download of Dropshare. When sharing files, screenshots, images, text, or truly anything of digital nature, Dropshare instantly creates private, secure download links, processing content in bulk and delivering it with great speed. Seconds... save 'em. Dealing with some really big data? BetterZip nips and tucks files and folders, archiving in over 30 formats, with details at your discretion.

Time to organize and automate your work day

It's a shame to see folks fluttering away so much time when *booming, omnipotent voice* WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY. Hard to compare menial computational tasks with the ugly detriments of cigarette smoking, but when time is whisked from life, procrastination can certainly parallel.

Ah! Perfect. Say you're trying to quit smoking, or eating too much cheese, or anything, really. Keep a list to stick to your new, healthy habits. Todo lists are always a very personal choice and annoyingly hit or miss — most often miss. 2Do is a recommendation. A good one. But you'll have to decide for yourself.

adding tasks

After you've made your list, plug in and tune out to get it done. Plug in refers to charging cables — and your ears. If you have AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones that connect your Mac, ToothFairy will do more than put coins under your pillow. Well, less. She won't do that at all. Instead, she'll add a menubar icon that instantly pairs your audio device with your Mac. It should be easy, but it hasn't been. Until ToothFairy. It's a tool worth more than a few coins for a tiny mouth bone.

Now that teeth have been called mouth bones, it's time to end this little tip-chat. You're welcome. An app a day, or multiple, second-saving apps used daily, truly are the cure for procrastination. They make getting down to the core work itself simple, as it should be. And what's more simple is getting ahold of all of these brilliant apps in one place. One single suite. Setapp.

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