Whether you write books, web copy, or keep your journal, you know that writing can be tricky. It may uplift you and bring pleasure from a finished result or may bore you with endless research and picking the right wording.

The list of copywriting challenges goes on: 

  • How to pick the correct translation to keep the original meaning?

  • How not procrastinate and get down to writing an engaging introduction?

  • How to be a proofreader and editor for your writing?

All of these (and even more) challenges stay in the past if you have the right writing apps on your Mac. The apps from our list make the copywriters' work more concentrated, organized, and creative. You can find all of the apps in one place – the Setapp for Teams platform. On Setapp, we gather a curated list of Mac applications for software developers, project managers, copywriters, and more. 

Now let's see the writing software for Mac you'll totally enjoy using with your teammates.

1. Mate Translate

If one of the essential parts of your copywriter job is to translate content, then you'll totally like Mate Translate. This isn't your average translation app and here's why:

  • Comes with 104 languages, phonetic transliteration, and audio spelling.  

  • Embeds in a menu bar for quick access.

  • Provides offline access so you can catch up with documents you translated some time ago.

  • Translates menus of third-party applications.

  • Helps you keep commonly used words and phrases at hand in a built-in phrasebook.

2. PDF Squeezer

Need to submit your CV, blog post, or a web copy? .DOC files are so last season. Most professionals prefer PDF as it's easy to open on any device without deterioration of quality and correctness of display. 

Here's when PDF Squeezer comes into play. This application offers a simple drag-and-drop interface for converting your text documents into a PDF format on the fly. It also converts documents in bulk.

Need to convert documents with high-resolution images, slides, or anything that requires excellent quality? PDF Squeezer helps convert files without quality loss or vice versa to get the smallest file size.

PDF Squeezer is a true find for anyone who works with text documents and needs a secure, fast, and minimalistic file converter. 

3. Prizmo

Do you remember the times when everyone had scanners and printers at home? If yes, you might not pass a millennial age test. Today, these handy tools can be found at offices and rarely at home. OCR scanner apps like Prizmo are one of the reasons why people ditched traditional hardware scanners. 

What's Prizmo anyway? It's an advanced OCR scanner tool that recognizes symbols with the help of neural networks. As a result, it scans documents in 23 languages, highlights misprints and spelling mistakes, and translates the text in 59 languages. 

If you need to achieve a high quality of a scanned document, with Prizmo you can edit the image and fix the perspective.

Prizmo is integrated with popular cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud to securely store all of your documents and share them immediately with peers.

4. Focused

Some people think writers actually write most of the time. In reality, the writing process is often interrupted by occasional links worth checking out, popping banners on websites, and so on. If you've been looking for a safe, non-distraction space to work, check out the Focused app. 

This is one of the best writing programs for Mac that provides you with a minimalistic paper-like interface and calm background music for a total concentration.

The application converts plain text into a markdown or HTML format and offers a version control system for safe backups. 

5. MarsEdit

MarsEdit is a lifesaver for content marketing teams. This application allows you to edit blogs on your desktop even offline. How does it work? 

Simply start creating a blog post on your laptop and publish it as soon as you're online. The app allows you to create posts in plain text, markdown, or HTML and easily switch between formats. 

MarsEdit is compatible with popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, AtomPub, and MetaWeblog. Finally, you can get a preview of a ready-made post and tweak it if necessary.

This is one of the best writing apps for Mac that allows you to work offline, stay focused on your daily tasks, and manage your blogs like a pro in a beautiful interface.

To recap

Being a writer comes with extra tasks like document management, translations, content management, and so on. To stay focused and resourceful, check out simple yet powerful writing apps for Mac from our list. Whether you need an advanced translator app, a file converter, a scanner, or a tool that prevents you from procrastination, we've got you covered.

All of the writing programs for Mac we mentioned in our blog post are available on Setapp for Teams – a platform with vetted applications that a whole team can use for free within a 14-day trial period. Try Setapp for Teams, it's a fun way to skyrocket your personal and team productivity and streamline routine tasks.