How to download Instagram videos on Mac [Video tutorial]

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There's only one way to download a video from Instagram – or any major video-sharing platform, for that matter – using third-party software. And we have an app to offer.

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  • 00:29 How to download videos with Pulltube
  • 01:21 How to change video formats with Pulltube
  • 01:34 How to use Pulltube to download subtitles
  • 01:44 How to trim videos with Pulltube
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What is it about?

Right out of the gate, whichever platform you need to download from, Pulltube has you covered. YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram are just some of the websites the app is compatible with.

Once you’ve grabbed the videos, changing formats is just a matter of clicks. We’ll show you how, with Pulltube’s media converter, you can change video formats right there in-app with one simple tool.

You’ll also learn how to streamline translating or transcribing videos with the subtitle download tool or trim videos pre-download to save time in editing.

This app is a must-have for content creators, transcribers, and enthusiasts alike – and we’re here to make your video-downloading even easier with Setapp subscription service.

Need more valuable tips and tricks for downloading Instagram videos on Mac? Take a look at a full guide on how to download Instagram videos.

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