How to post Instagram photos from Mac

Instagram is a brilliant tool for taking, editing and sharing photos on a smartphone. It’s also a great tool for marketing a brand on social media. However, very often, especially if you use it for marketing, you’ll have a photo on your Mac that you want to share – and transferring it your iPhone is an extra step that can be inconvenient at best.

How to use Instagram on a Mac?

To upload a photo from your desktop you'll need an app like Flume. Flume allows you to post photos directly to Instagram from your Mac. And, if you use Setapp apps like Polarr to edit your photos and Sip to choose the perfect colours for it, you have the perfect Instagram marketing platform right on your Mac. Even if you only use Instagram for fun or socialising, being able to post directly from your Mac is very handy.

Flume also allows you to see your Instagram feed right on your Mac’s desktop, so you can keep up to date with it while you’re working. And you can comment on and like posts on your Mac too. Here’s how to use it to post photos.

Run Flume and log in

In Setapp, search for Flume and click Install. When it’s finished installing, launch it and click on the Account menu. Click ‘Add an account’ and type in the username and password for your Instagram account.

Login to Instagram from Mac

Choose a photo to upload

If you can’t see the upload window, press Command-0 or go to the Window menu and choose Upload. Either drag a photo onto the window or click in it to choose a photo or take one with your Mac’s camera. If you click on the window, choose either Take a Photo or Choose a Photo.

Add a filter

Instagram is all about filters, so you’ll want to add one to your photo before you post it. Click the paintbrush icon to display all the editing options. At the top of the window that opens, you’ll see the filters displayed in a row. To move along the row, either swipe left across your trackpad or click the forward arrow. When you see a filter you like, click on it to apply it to your image. Now use the slider beneath the filters to reduce the amount of the filter that is applied.

Use some filters

Make other adjustments to your image

Use the sliders in the Adjustments menu to straighten or sharpen your image, adjust the colour, brightness or saturation, or even add a tilt shift effect. Experiment until you’re happy with the way your image looks.

Edit your image

5. Add a caption to your image

In the text box below your photo, write a caption that will be posted with it. Remember to include hashtags.

Crop your photo before upload to Instagram

Instagram’s feed is designed to be viewed on a smartphone screen, which is tall and thin. So photos in portrait orientation, or square, work better than those in landscape orientation. To crop your image and change its shape, click the crop tool at the bottom of your photo and drag the corners of the rectangle into position, then click Done.

Crop your image

Tag friends

To to tag other Instagram users, click the head and shoulders icon at the bottom of your photo, click on the photo where you want add the tag, and start to type the username of the first person you want to tag into the box. When flume finds the user you’re looking for, click on their name. Repeat to tag other friends.

Add some tags

Share to other social media networks

Although Flume is designed to allow you to share photos on Instagram, but you can share them on Facebook and Twitter to. Click the Share button at the bottom of your photo and select the networks you want to share it on.

Post on Instagram from your Mac

When you’re happy with your photo and are are ready to share it with the world, click the Post button at the bottom right of the window. It will be posted to your Instagram account and appear in your stream and that of your friends.

Add more Instagram accounts

Flume allows you to post on different Instagram accounts – though you can only post on one at a time. To add another account, click the Account menu and then click ‘Add an account’. In the window that opens, click the ‘+’ and log into to the account you want to add. Click the circle opposite the name of the account you want to post the current photo on.

Tip: Flume allows you to add filters and make other adjustments to your photos before you post them. For more tools and more control over the editing process, open your photo in Polarr first and edit there. If you need help choosing colours to use in an image, use Sip, also available in Setapp.