Combine all your messaging clients into one

Communicating with friends, work colleagues and team mates around the world has never been easier, thanks to smartphones, and also to the huge range of options for sending and receiving messages instantly on your Mac.

Often when you’re working, using a phone to send and receive messages isn’t convenient — it’s much easier use your Mac, especially if you want to share documents and images.

You could, of course, try and encourage everyone you communicate with to use the same platform, but given that some of them will be overseas and others working for companies who have their own policies, using multiple messaging clients is often a necessity.

That brings with it it’s own problem, namely having to use multiple applications and use lost of login names and passwords. That also means having several windows open and generally cluttering up your screen.

How to combine your messaging apps into one

The solution is to use an aggregator for messaging app — one app that brings them all together. IM+ is one such app It allows you to connect to 15 different messaging platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Slack, WeChat, Instagram, and Google Hangouts. And IM+ can handle personal messages and chats. You only have to log in once to IM+ and it logs you in automatically to all the accounts you have set up. It’s truly a universal messaging app. You can even set up multiple accounts on the same platform and access them all. And to make it easier to tell them apart, you can choose an accent color for each account when it’s displayed in the sidebar. Each service appears in the sidebar, using its native icon to make it easier to spot and when you have a new message, a flag appears on the icon, just as it would in the native app.  

If you want notifications for some services but not others, you can specify that in the settings when you add the account. And if you want to share files, you can do that too!

IM+ messaging client

Putting all your messaging accounts in one app is a huge time saver and makes it much easier to keep track of conversations — you don’t have to remember to open each individual app. And if you use IM+ for Twitter, you can even use it to monitor your timeline and mentions, as well as your direct messages. 

What about other universal messaging apps

There are alternatives to IM+, of course. Franz, Rambox, and Trillian all allow you to connect to multiple messaging accounts from one app. And if you’d prefer to work inside a browser, there’s All-in-on-Messenger. However, to us, IM+ feels more polished and more like a native Mac app and is the one we’d recommend. 

As you can see, there are several options for combining all your messaging clients into one app. Our preferred solution is IM+. It supports the most popular clients and allows you to have multiple accounts on the same platform. It’s particularly suited for business use, thanks to support for LinkedIn and Slack. And the inclusion of WhatsApp and WeChat makes it a truly global solution for messaging. Download a free trial of Setapp and try it out today.

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