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How To Download YouTube Videos On Android

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Ever wish you could watch YouTube videos on your phone when you’re not in an area with reliable WiFi or data? Good news is it’s entirely possible if you save those videos for offline use beforehand — all you need to do is download them to your mobile device. 

Keeping videos on your phone is also a great idea if you have limited data allowance — no one wants to drain their monthly data limit and pay additional charges. So just get them when you have access to WiFi and watch them when you don’t.

It’s surprisingly easy to download any video to your devices. What you need here is a safe YouTube downloader. Once done, you can enjoy fresh video clips when you’re on a plane or just across the border. Not sure about the process? Just read the guide to how to use a YouTube downloader for Android below. Plus, get acquainted with YouTube’s own offering for downloading videos on mobile.

What’s The Best YouTube Video Downloader For Android

These days, we’re spoiled for options when it comes to video downloading from YouTube to your phone. But how do you know you’re using the best app possible, the one that won’t cause your phone or personal data any grief? What is the best YouTube downloader? A good YouTube downloader for Android shouldn’t be limited to just one video service. What about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo, all of which are full of outstanding content? 

Additionally, a safe YouTube downloader should naturally be secure and not contain malware — you really don’t want your devices to pay the price. You need something simple, with a clean user interface that will make it easy to grab your videos with the click of a button or a tap on your phone. You’ll also want the option to download entire playlists or channels in batches and maybe even an output to MP3 for when you just need to get some music or lecture recordings.


Note: Make sure that the YouTube videos you intend to download are only for personal use. Google’s Terms of Service for YouTube stipulates that “you shall not download any Content unless you see a download or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content.” You don’t want to violate privacy or copyright laws after all, so never try to sell or profit from the downloaded content.quote author

How to save a YouTube stream to watch offline

By saving your YouTube videos for later, you can be sure to play them from start to finish without the obstacle of a spotty WiFi connection. To download from YouTube, start with a proprietary option within the YouTube app. You won’t be able to save just any video, as not all content is available (mostly for copyright reasons), but it’s an easy start. The feature is also ad-supported, so prepare to sit through some commercial breaks during your offline consumption. Here’s how to download YouTube videos on Android:

  1. Open the YouTube app on your Android smartphone
  2. Find the video you wish to download
  3. In the context menu under the video, select the Download option
  4. Choose your desired resolution: Low, Medium, or HD. The low quality resolution will take less space on your device and download more quickly, but there’s an obvious trade-off.

To watch your video, get back inside the YouTube app and find the Account tab. You’ll see your videos in the Saved section.

How to download from YouTube via a video URL

If you’d rather not download an app to your Mac or Android device, you can simply strip YouTube videos directly from a URL using websites, such as ClipConverter. This free media conversion web app will let you download audio or video in formats that seamlessly work on any smartphone:

  1. Enter the YouTube video URL in the “Video URL to Download” box
  2. Click Continue
  3. Choose your desired video or audio format (MP3, MP4, M4A) and quality (720 or 1080)
  4. Click Start to begin the conversion
  5. Once the conversion is complete, you can download the file and store it locally for later viewing


How to download YouTube music only

If you’re only looking to download songs from YouTube music videos or strip out the audio to save it like a podcast, you may not even need to download videos whole. In this case, simple audio will suffice. To save YouTube MP3s, you can visit a website like GenYouTube from your phone to easily download any video as an MP3 audio file:

  1. Find the YouTube music video you’d like to extract the audio from
  2. In the URL, type “gen” before YouTube. For example, genyoutube.com/watch…
  3. The video will appear on GenYouTube’s page, where you can choose your perfect audio format
  4. Click to download


Why use AnyDroid media downloader

There are, as you can see, plenty of options when it comes to downloading YouTube videos to save for offline use. But what if you need a reliable way to move these video files between your Android device and your Mac? This is where AnyDroid comes in. 

AnyDroid is known as the best Android app to download YouTube videos. It sort of works as a customizable transfer manager for your Android and Mac at the same time, letting you export music, contacts, backups, photos, and videos via WiFi. In addition, its handy Media Downloader is a built-in feature that makes it incredibly easy to download YouTube videos in mobile.

For a simple yet powerful YouTube video downloader for Android, don’t miss AnyDroid. Not only you can download from YouTube and save the content directly on your device, you can also edit your downloaded video or audio file on your Mac before transferring it to your smartphone. And it works with over 1,000 websites — just use the search bar for relevant terms or paste the correct link right away.

The transfer itself between your Mac and Android device with AnyDroid is nearly instant, engineered specifically to get things done without distracting you from your workflow. 

YouTube media downloader for Android

Best of all, AnyDroid is available for you free via a seven-day trial of Setapp, a unique collection of more than 160 apps and utilities for Mac users that you can habitually use to improve your productivity and be in the know of all the latest Mac hacks that can work for you. So why not try the AnyDroid Media Downloader right now? Just head over to the Setapp website and download songs from YouTube just seconds later. Now that you know how to download YouTube videos in mobile, no long-distance journey will feel uneventful or boring ever again.

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