How to extract text from images on Mac [Video tutorial]

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Need text from an image but don’t want to copy it out manually? No problem. We’ll show you how to extract text from any image on the fly.

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What is it about?

When it comes to copying text from an image, PDF, video – or, come to that, any other format – we have just the tools to see you through.

With TextSniper, for instance, copying text from visuals is as easy as copy and paste. We’ll show you how to effortlessly extract text from graphics, videos, or images in the exact format you want it. Similarly, LiveText lets you select text using a handy highlighter feature.

Now, if it’s PDF you’re working with, we recommend Prizmo. Its innovative “crop” feature lets you extract text even from distorted PDF copies, making it great for bookkeepers and assistants working with less-than-perfect scans.

Talking of bookkeeping, have you heard about Receipts? Receipts is a great document collector and manager ideal for keeping your finances in order. Demonstrating incredible functionality, all you need to do is import your files into Receipts to automatically extract all important digits and figures. Does bookkeeping get any easier than that?

Here at Setapp, we’re huge fans of apps that save you time and boost productivity. That’s why we’ve made all of these ground-breaking apps available with our subscription service. To see how you can make your Mac work for you, why not see what’s on offer?

For further details on image-to-text extraction on Mac, try our article: Image to text: How to copy text from pictures on Mac

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