Hide icons on desktop and get your Mac presentation-ready [Video tutorial]

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You press one button and get a clean desktop ready for sharing, presenting, and more – without losing any files. Sounds nice?

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00:18 Why is a tidy desktop so important?

00:38 How to hide desktop icons instantly with PliimPro

01:12 How to hide desktop icons for screenshots with CleanShot X

01:45 How to easily switch between Mac settings with One Switch

02:30 Customize your Mac to perfection with Almighty

03:10 How to get these apps and more on Setapp

What is it about?

With our busy workdays and constant downloads, it’s easy for our desktops to become cluttered. But did you know there are several easy ways to hide desktop icons on your Mac without having to trawl through them manually?

For a completely distraction-free Mac experience, we recommend PliimPro. Not only does PliimPro hide desktop icons, but its range of other invaluable features – notification disabling, active app blocking, and speaker muting (to name a few) – make it a go-to choice for presentation and screen-sharing needs.

If it’s cleaner screenshots you’re looking for, why not try CleanShot X? We explain why this great app should be your new screenshotting companion and how to use it to hide desktop icons on your Mac.

If you want even more optimization options, One Switch could be your new best friend. It fits your flow by providing fast toggling between Mac settings and streamlining your experience – turning long settings-changing processes into, well, one switch.

And for ultimate customizability, we’re giving you the lowdown on Almighty. This tiny app opens up a world of possibilities for Mac enhancement, giving users full control over their settings and preferences like never before.

So if you have an important video call coming up, or if you want to get those distractions out of the way and get your head down, check out Setapp for 240+ productivity-boosting apps.

For more advice on hiding desktop icons, see what our experts say about hiding all icons and showing a clean desktop on a Mac.

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