Remove duplicate files on your Mac with Gemini

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It always starts with one stray file. Maybe it’s a version of a presentation that didn’t make the final cut. Maybe you downloaded an attachment twice. Or think how often you capture the same object or view from a different angle. Then, all of a sudden, your device is bogged down by files that look alike.

Forget the attack of the clones — this is the invasion of the duplicates. These deadweight items add up, creating an unnecessary drag on your phone or computer. But cleaning them out by hand is a drag, too.

Luckily, there’s Gemini, the duplicate file finder. This hardworking, no-frills file cleaner helps identify and remove unnecessary duplicates in just a few clicks. You may be shocked by just how much space these useless files take up, but the satisfaction of scrubbing them away forever is worth it. We will show you how to get rid of duplicates on a Mac. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the app’s features.

Remove duplicates and save space

Gemini is like a caring parent who doesn’t want you to get into trouble. In this case, the low storage trouble. With Gemini working in the background 24/7, you’ll avoid downloading the same PDF, video, or image twice. And believe us, you do that quite often.

Monitor folders for duplicate files

You know your Mac better than us. Maybe you save all downloads to Desktop, or maybe they go in the Downloads folder. Ask Gemini to monitor every folder where things tend to pile up.

Duplicates Monitor

No duplicate goes unnoticed

Once a new duplicate pops up in one of the monitored folders, Gemini will alert you. You can either review or remove duplicates right away.

Restore accidentally deleted files

Don’t worry if you deleted something by accident. You can quickly review trashed files and put them back right away.

Unless specified in Preferences, Gemini doesn’t permanently delete duplicates but rather puts them in Trash, from where you can easily restore them. And if you’ve noticed that you deleted some wrong images during the scan, choose Review Trashed and select the ones to put back.

Review trashed duplicates

Scan your Mac to find duplicates

To begin, click the large + button and choose which folders or sections of your Mac you’d like to scan for duplicates. You can select from the preset options, or click Choose Custom Folder to select something specific, which could even be your Dropbox or an external network drive. In fact, you can select multiple folders at once by holding down the Command key. When you’re ready, click Choose. On the next screen, click + to add additional folders, then Scan For Duplicates.

Scan your Mac to find duplicates with Gemini

Select and delete repeating files

Once your scan is complete, the app will auto-select exact duplicate files for deletion. It will also offer you the chance to delete files that are quite similar to each other. To delete similars, click the arrow next to the list and check the boxes of the files that you don’t want to keep.

You can sort the versions by age, title, and size. Once you’ve made your choices, click Remove.

sort the file's versions by age, title, and size.

Approve algorithmic smart selections

As you use Gemini more and more, it will analyze which files you tend to keep and delete and suggest rules for future scans, such as delete files that are more recent. You can review all the rules and disable the ones you no longer need. Go to Preferences > Smart Selections.

Duplicate finder's smart selection preferences

Replace duplicate files with hard links

To leave all files where they are but still save tons of space, you can choose the option in Gemini to replace files with hard links.

Go to Preferences > Removal and check the “Replace files with hard links” box. 

Essentially, this will delete the duplicate files and replace them with shortcuts to the originals while keeping the file images where they are.

Replace files with hard links

Unlock achievements

The more you use Gemini, the faster you’ll advance through the app’s Achievement system. You’ll gain levels automatically, but you can check your progress at any time. Click the Star icon in the app window to see what badges you’ve collected, your overall rank, and what percentage you’ve already completed. It’s a great way to stay motivated while getting rid of junk files.

Gemini Achievement

It can be hard to stay on top of all the duplicate files and near-identical versions that stack up on your Apple devices. Gemini gives you a fun, easy way to save that space. Try the app for free on Setapp, a platform with 240+ apps for almost any job on a Mac and iOS.

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