Guide to Craft: More than just keeping notes

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If you’re a student trying to organize your educational materials, a designer who wants to create an entire structure for your team’s design language, or a writer looking for ways to optimize your workflow, Craft can do this and more! 

AI Assistant to boost your productivity

The smart assistant lets you write faster, come up with ideas to get past writer’s block, summarize long documents, rephrase a paragraph, write social media posts based on any context, proofread text to get rid of mistakes, and translate into any language. Sounds impressive!

Add images, videos, and files to your doc

Craft lets you add photos, videos, and other files from your Camera, Photo Library, Files, or Unsplash. Just type / and choose the action you want. You can also drag and drop images from your folders or any website into the Mac app.

Style your content

Craft gives you the tools to simply and elegantly style your content. To start styling, just click on the Aa menu on the right side and start exploring different options.

Craft has more than 75 styling shortcuts for the keyboard. If you move your mouse over a button, you’ll see the keyboard shortcut, so you don’t have to memorize them all.

Use markdown style shortcuts

For those of you who favor markdown-style shortcuts, Craft offers a variety of them to make editing and writing quicker. For example, # followed by a space will create a title, - or *  followed by a space will create a bullet list. You’ve never worked so fast! 

Structure your items

The app makes it simple to do everything from adding a link to a previous project you worked on to creating a master document that connects all of your ongoing and/or completed projects. To stay organized and ensure nothing gets lost, use multi-level folders or link your notes together.

Hope this tutorial will help you solve tasks faster, and enjoy solving them, too! Check out more tutorials picked for you below. 

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