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Completely control all input devices with BetterTouchTool

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The touchpad has revolutionized the way people use their devices. But too often, Mac users don’t take advantage of this powerful input hardware. It’s capable of highly sensitive, specific tasks, but users tend to treat it more or less like a big flat mouse.

That’s where BetterTouchTool comes in handy. This powerful utility gives you total control over all of your Mac’s input devices, including a touchpad, Touch Bar, mouse, and keyboard.

How to customize Mac gestures and shortcuts

A customizer’s dream, the app serves as your personal HQ for inputs. You can configure app-specific shortcuts using up to 4 fingers, define custom gestures and actions, and set up old-fashioned hotkeys. It even supports chain actions and text replacement so you can speed up your workflow.

Say goodbye to repetitive clicking and typing. The more you get to know this tool, the less you’ll have to click. Here’s how to save yourself a lot of time.

The Mac hotkey basics

Before you start coming up with your own shortcuts, see what general features the app can offer your inputs. Click the Basic Settings tab to see your options. Click the top checkbox to have the app launch whenever you start up your Mac, and use the slider bar for your preferred device to adjust sensitivity and speed. The checkboxes at the bottom toggle window snapping and Touch Bar controls.

Mac hotkey

Create new custom gestures

To make commands of your own, first select the type of input you’re using from the menu at the top of the screen. Click Add New Gesture at the bottom of the screen. Then, use the drop-down menus to choose your preferred gesture type and action.

custom gestures

Come up with app-specific shortcuts

Besides general rules for your inputs, you can also create application-specific commands for any program you run on your Mac. To do so, click the + icon in the left-hand panel and choose from the list of applications. Use the gear icon to set overall conditions for that application, then create new gestures as above.

app-specific shortcuts

BetterTouchTool helps fine-tune the way you interact with your Mac, making your working relationship even more natural. Check it out on Setapp.

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