Best news aggregator apps you should know about: features and benefits

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Looking for an effective but not overwhelming way to consume news? We have some ideas! We've selected the best news apps, including aggregators, RSS readers, and classic publications that present information in a convenient and simple format. Here, you'll learn the options for receiving news in text, audio, and video formats.

But first, let's define some terms.

Aggregators are websites that collect news from multiple resources in one place. Google News is a typical example. There, you can personalize your news feed but usually can't unsubscribe from a particular publication.

RSS feed readers are more flexible. These programs or online services allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds from different websites (remember Google Reader?). Updates from multiple subscriptions are collected in one interface, so you don't have to visit each website separately.

Now that we're on the same page, let's take a look at the best news apps and pick the one that fits your lifestyle.

1. Curio for listening to the world's best audio news curated by real people

Curio news feed


  • High-quality journalism.
  • No ads.
  • Audio can be downloaded for offline listening.
  • Works on various devices: iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, Chrome OS, MacOS and Windows PCs, CarPlay, etc.


  • No transcript or audio summary.

While most aggregators collect breaking news, Curio hand-picks in-depth news and delivers it through expertly curated audio stories.

Curio's news sources include 30+ world-leading publications such as The Guardian, The Economist, Wired, Bloomberg, Vox, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Curio editors hand-pick the best news from hundreds of articles, and professional narrators turn them into high-quality audio stories. There are also original shows and podcasts.

Most audios are short – 7-15 minutes – but you'll also find in-depth 50-minute stories. Perfect for listening while commuting or multitasking.

Price: from $8.33/month on the website or $9.99/month on Setapp, along with dozens of other apps for macOS and iOS.

2. Apple News for personalized news experience

Apple News


  • Personalized news feed based on your interests.
  • Seamless integration across all Apple devices.


  • Limited availability outside the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.
  • Some users may find Apple News+ pricey.

The Apple News app comes preinstalled on Apple devices and is free in its basic format. It gives you access to top global and local stories, sports information, and a daily podcast about the most important events and stories affecting our lives. If you need the basics, this should be enough. If you want more in-depth information, Apple News+ is the way to go.

Apple News+ gives you access to more than 300 magazines and leading newspapers, including The Times, The New Yorker, People, Elle, Esquire and more. You can read online and offline across devices and share your subscription with up to 5 other family members.

Price: free or $12.99/month for Apple News+.

3. News Explorer – ultimate news aggregator for Mac

News Explorer


  • No ads.
  • A clean, intuitive interface with a focus on readability.
  • Ability to customize fonts, font size, and overall app appearance.


  • Requires some initial setup to customize news sources.

News Explorer is a powerful news reader that collects recent news from reputable sources and syncs your RSS, JSON, Atom, and Mastodon feed subscriptions. You can even add your favorite YouTube channels to your feed and watch new videos right in News Explorer.

Things you don't have time to read or watch right now can be saved in a separate list for later. While News Explorer works on all Apple devices and syncs with iCloud, your reading lists, bookmarks, and settings are the same everywhere. If you like news curation, you'll love the app.

Price: from €11.99 on the website or $9.99/month on Setapp, along with dozens of other apps for macOS and iOS.

4. Google News for personalized content

Google News


  • Provides extensive news coverage.


  • No app for Mac.
  • Personalization may lead to a "filter bubble" effect.

Google News delivers news based on your interests, reading habits, and geolocation. Unlike some news aggregators, it doesn't have editors manually selecting topics. Your feed here is computer-generated from a variety of reputable sources.

Google News has a remarkable "Full Coverage" feature that offers multiple perspectives on the same story. Each news item is accompanied by links to articles on the same topic from other sources. This allows you to gain a well-rounded understanding of complex issues.

Price: Free

5. Mimir – best podcast app for Mac Users


  • It skips moments of silence.
  • Supports offline listening for on-the-go convenience.
  • Allows you to add a link to a third-party RSS podcast feed.


  • Limited to Mac users.

Mimir is a podcast player tailored for Mac users. It's not all about breaking news but various shows, including news, politics, social life, culture, and more. This is the place to go if you want to delve deeper into specific topics and hear from experts.

Mimir stands out for its advanced audio features and user-friendly interface. For example, the app can detect moments of silence in downloaded files and skip them during playback. Playlists are created by dragging and dropping. And thanks to Continuous Playback, there are always multiple audio files in the playlist queue, according to your preferences. Speaking of preferences. The app analyzes your tastes in detail and makes highly relevant recommendations. Definitely worth a try!

Price: from $1.49/month in Mac App Store or $9.99/month on Setapp, along with dozens of other apps for macOS and iOS.

6. The Week – a publication to get several opinions

The Week news


  • Concise articles that present multiple opinions on a topic.
  • It offers a newspaper app plus the week print.


  • It may not satisfy those seeking in-depth analysis or detailed reporting.
  • Limited customization options.

The Week claims to protect readers from falling into the media bubble, give them a 360-degree view of events, and help them form their own opinions. To do this, the editors present news and opinions from over 200 global sources in one concise read.

One of the best features of The Week is its daily newsletters, such as 10 Things You Need to Know Today. These short overviews allow you to stay up-to-date with minimal effort.

Price: from $99/year

7. The New York Times – for in-depth stories

The New York Times world news


  • Award-winning journalism from one of the world's most respected newspapers.
  • Wide range of content, including news, opinion, and features.
  • App for iOS and Android.


  • No app for Mac.

The New York Times is one of the best publications in the US. It is known for its in-depth stories, 100+ Pulitzers, and excellent reputation. The NYT covers the most important topics of our time and tells the stories that matter. This is where you come for analysis and opinion, investigative journalism, and thought-provoking editorials.

While the NYT offers a wealth of quality content for free, a paid subscription gives you even more news and analysis, games, trusted product reviews, recipes, and personalized coverage of your favorite sports.

Price: from $1/week.

Tip: The NYT produces a lot of content that can be difficult to navigate. To get the most important stuff, try reading it through the News Explorer app.

8. Financial Times – for trends and market data analysis 

Financial Times home page


  • It provides expert analysis of key economic trends.
  • Offers real-time market data.
  • Includes a variety of videos and podcasts.


  • No free access to at least part of the article.
  • No app for Mac.

Financial Times is one of the most important business reads and has probably the best news feed on current business and economic affairs.

Almost all articles on business, politics, technology, etc., are available by subscription. You can only read a few introductory lines of an article for free. The only exception is the lifestyle section HTSI (How to spend it), which is publicly available. But apparently, that's not what you need the Financial Times for.

Price: from $9.6 to $75 per month.

9. BBC News – for daily news from around the globe

BBC News home page


  • It offers a wide range of international news.
  • Provides access to live BBC World Service radio and dozens of podcasts.


  • Some international users may find the focus on UK news too strong.
  • No app for Mac.

BBC News focuses on both breaking news and in-depth analysis of world events. Its news feed covers the world's top stories, business, technology, climate, science, and health.

There's no obvious way to personalize your feed, such as subscribing to a particular section or author. Instead, the website analyzes your tastes and suggests content you might like. At the same time, the top stories are never hidden and are easily accessible.

Price: Free

10. CNN News – for up-to-the-minute news from around the world

CNN News live audio news


  • It provides up-to-the-minute news coverage on a global scale.
  • Offers a wide range of content, including articles, videos, and live TV.
  • Has one of the best free news apps.


  • Some criticisms include perceptions of bias in political coverage.
  • Video on demand and live TV are only available in the USA.

CNN is one of the leading news portals, with more than 4,000 journalists around the world delivering breaking news 24 hours a day. In addition, CNN's in-depth reporting and exclusive content, including CNN Original Series, documentaries, and podcasts, go beyond the daily news.

Another never-ending source of information is CNN Live TV. But you can't watch it separately: you need a subscription to a TV service provider that includes CNN.

Price: Free.

11. Yahoo News – for wide range of viewpoints

Yahoo News sport section


  • It aggregates news from multiple sources.
  • Has multiple news applications for iPhone (Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance).


  • Some users may find the news feed too cluttered or overwhelming.
  • A lot of ads.
  • No Mac app.

Yahoo News aggregates news from various publishers and creates its own publications, giving readers access to a wide range of viewpoints.

In addition to classic news from around the world, Yahoo News has an extensive sports section. It also relies on its financial expertise and offers a paid subscription to Yahoo Finance Plus from $20.83/month. There, you can get information and analysis on various companies in your portfolio and investment ideas and tools to optimize your trading strategy.

Price: Free. Paid options are available in separate sections.

12. Feedly – for diverse content from specific industries

Feedly news recommendations


  • It integrates with third-party apps such as Evernote and Slack.
  • Supports RSS feeds, allowing users to pull in content from any website.


  • Best features require a paid subscription.
  • Initial setup and feed curation can be overwhelming.
  • No Mac app.

Feedly is one of the most comfy news reader apps that creates a news feed based on your interests. You tell Feedly AI what interests you, and it delivers information from news sites, blogs, newsletters, and more.

This app is best suited for professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts who want to stay informed about specific industries or topics. However, while there are a lot of suggested sources and ways to search for information, some people may find it overwhelming.

Price: from $6/month.

13. Reddit – for discussing and sharing opinions

Reddit News


  • A vast array of subreddits covering virtually every topic and interest imaginable.


  • Risk of misinformation or disinformation.
  • The quality of discussion and news can vary widely depending on the subreddit.

Reddit is less about news and more about attitudes and discussion.

This network was created to bring people together by interest and has a separate news community. Posts there are generated by Reddit users, with links to the source of the information. There are usually relevant stories here, but in general, the problem with this feed is the risk of inaccurate information. Users can bring news from unreliable sources, and some subreddits can even be affected by political trolls who try to form a particular opinion among the audience.

Price: free, with optional Reddit Premium from $4.2/month.

A quick guide to the best aggregators, RSS readers, and mobile news apps

We've provided many details above, but here's a shorter version that includes the price and a description of the people who would benefit from the app. Pick what works best for you.

News AppBest suited forPrice
Curio Best app for listening to the news and curated journalism in audio formats. From $8.33/month for a single purchase on developer's website or $9.99/month on Setapp along with dozens of other apps for macOS and iOS.
Apple News Users seeking a personalized news experience in the Apple ecosystem. Free or $12.99/month for Apple News+.
News Explorer One of the best news aggregator apps. Suits users who value customizable news curation and want to integrate various sources, including YouTube, into a single feed. From €11.99 on the vendor's website or $9.99/month on Setapp, along with dozens of other apps for macOS and iOS.
Google News Those appreciating computer-generated news feeds offering multiple perspectives.Free
MimirMac users looking for a podcast app with advanced audio features.From $1.49/month in Mac App Store or $9.99/month on Setapp, along with dozens of other apps for macOS and iOS.
The WeekReaders wanting concise articles presenting multiple opinions.From $99/year
The New York TimesReaders seeking in-depth stories, analysis, and opinion pieces.From $1/week
Financial TimesProfessionals and enthusiasts needing expert analysis on economic trends and market data.From $9.6 to $75 per month.
BBC NewsThose wanting a wide range of international news coverage.Free
CNN NewsUsers looking for up-to-the-minute global news coverage.Free
Yahoo NewsReaders who prefer a wide range of viewpoints, including sports and finance.Free. Paid options are available in separate sections.
FeedlyProfessionals, researchers, and enthusiasts focused on specific industries or topics.From $6/month
RedditUsers interested in community-driven news and discussions.Free, with optional Reddit Premium from $4.2/month

Stay informed on Mac

We hope you find a way to consume news that fits your lifestyle and doesn't overwhelm you. If you want to focus on one publication, try CNN, the BBC, or the Financial Times. They have mobile apps with alerts for important events. For a broader perspective, consider aggregators like News Explorer. This app can be easily populated with news feeds according to your preferences. For high-quality analysis on the go, try Curio. News shows and podcasts are easy to find on Mimir.

While individual apps require separate payment, News Explorer, Curio, and Mimir are available on Mac through Setapp for $9.99 per month, along with dozens of other apps for Mac and iOS. The first 7 days are free.Curio infographic

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