Elmedia Player: a Powerful Media Player for your Mac

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Meet Elmedia Player, an omnivore of a video player on Setapp. It can handle video files in almost any format, and supports HD playback. But it’s more than just a player for video files. The app also provides some handy tools for downloading and saving videos, or even whole playlists, from the web. Plus, you’ll have the option to extract and save just the audio from online videos, giving you more flexibility and saving space on your hard drive.

Meet a powerful media player for your Mac

Whether you want to dodge browser ads or stash some youtube videos on your Mac for a flight, Elmedia Player  has you covered. Here’s how to get the most out of it.

Playing any video files

To select and play a video file from your computer, regardless of format, press (Command+O). Select the video you’d like to play and click “Open.” You can also select multiple videos with the “Add to Playlist” button checked to add them to your viewing queue.

Player for almost any video formats

Built-in search for videos and playing from the web 

If you’d like to play a video from a streaming site like Youtube or Vimeo, press (Command+U) instead. Copy and paste the URL from the video you’d like to watch into the field and select your preferred resolution from the menu on the right. Then press “Open” to watch the video ad-free.

Browse and play online videos

Download video from the web

Once you’ve entered a URL, the app also lets you download the video to your Mac.

In the player menu bar, click the second rectangular icon. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll be able to select from a number of download options. Choose the resolution you’d like to download, then click “download.”

Download videos from the Internet

Download audio only

If you’d like to extract, say, the audio track from a music video, just click the “Audio” tab in the download manager instead. Then select the track you want and click “download.” If you’re having trouble finding what you want, the download window has a built-in browser that will let you search from inside the app.

Download the soundtrack from a video

Create and manage playlists

To manage your playlist, click the rightmost rectangular icon in the player menu. The buttons at the top right of the menu let you search, shuffle, and repeat videos.

Create and manage playlists

Elmedia Player gives you access to video and audio files of any format. Plus, it downloads content you love from the web and stores it in convenient playlists. Now your viewing experience can be seamless online and off.

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