Best teleprompter apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

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Professionals in a variety of fields aim to create powerful presentations and videos for their audience. All of them, public speakers, educators, and content creators want to deliver their message effectively. The right tools can make all the difference. This is where teleprompter apps come into play, offering a seamless way to ensure the delivery is word-perfect.

With options available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, these apps not only elevate users' public speaking experience but also enhance the professionalism of videos. Our guide will help you find the best teleprompter app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad and transform your presentations and video content.

Why use teleprompter software?

Teleprompter software is a game changer for anyone who wants to create professional, polished video content. It allows you to read a script while looking into the camera, ensuring a natural, engaging presentation. Whether you're recording educational content, a YouTube video, or a keynote speech, a teleprompter ensures your delivery is flawless, with scrolling text perfectly synchronized with your recording.

Teleprompter software сomparison

App name Platform Free trial Key features
Riverside TeleprompterwebYesAdjustable scrolling speed, text-based editing and AI tools
Teleprompter AppmacOS, iOSYesThe ability to record yourself as you speak, video editor, text mirroring
EasyPrompterwebYesAdvanced text editing, offline operation, dual screen
Virtual TeleprompterWindows, macOSYesManual scroll or auto scroll with adjustable speed, text mirror, integrated timer and word counter
PromptSmartiOS, AndroidYesVoiceTrack that follows when you speak and pauses when you stop speaking, adjustable speed
Teleprompter PremiummacOS, iOSYesText mirroring, video recording, timed scrolling, keyboard control, Apple Watch control

How to choose a virtual teleprompter

When picking a teleprompter for your Mac, think about a few important points. Remembering these points will help you choose the best app and get great results.

Key features of the best teleprompter apps:

  • Customizable scrolling speed: Tailor the text speed to match your speaking pace.
  • Script import and editing: Easily import your scripts and make edits on the fly.
  • Remote control support: Control your teleprompter remotely for added convenience.
  • Voice control: Start and stop scrolling using voice commands for a hands-free experience.
  • Mirror mode: Invert your text for use with professional teleprompter hardware.

Also note:

  • If you need a straightforward tool for presenting during a video call, a browser-based teleprompter might be what you need.
  • For those thinking about getting teleprompter hardware, search for software that includes a mirroring feature to use with a physical teleprompter.
  • And if you're aiming to make videos for social media or while moving around, ensure the tool works on Android or iPhone.

6 best teleprompter apps

Now, let's dive into this comprehensive review of the top six teleprompter apps and find out which ones stand out from the crowd to make your presentations flawless.

Riverside: an all-in-one solution (video production + teleprompter)

Riverside is a platform for creating high-quality videos, offering a built-in teleprompter. This feature lets you easily manage your script and adjust text size and scroll speed, all within Riverside's recording and editing tools.

Main features:

  • The ability to set the scrolling speed to match how fast you read
  • An option to change the font and style for better script visibility
  • Studio-level recordings with crisp 4K video and 48kHz sound
  • The ability to host remote sessions with up to eight people, capturing separate audio and video for each
  • Precise AI-generated transcriptions in more than a hundred languages
  • A text-based editor that allows you to tweak your recordings by simply removing text

Ideal for: Those seeking an all-in-one solution for professional video production and teleprompter use.

Platform: web

Price: $24/month. 

Teleprompter App: the best option for Mac and iPhone users

Teleprompter App offers a number of easy-to-use features to enhance your video production, from customizable text settings that let you control the scrolling speed to the ability to mirror text for different orientations. Starting a recording is seamless, with options for countdown settings and choices for your camera and microphone preferences. It also includes robust video editing tools that let you crop to different formats and even mirror your footage for a polished look. For those looking to add a professional touch, the captioning tool is perfect for overlaying text, and the watermarking feature ensures your brand gets the exposure it deserves. All in all, this app is a comprehensive solution for creating and customizing high-quality videos with ease.

Main features:

  • Adjustable text size and speed
  • The ability to record yourself as you speak
  • The ability to add your logo for better brand recognition
  • Video editor
  • The ability to add captions to your videos
  • Text mirroring

Ideal for: Those who need a teleprompter for iPhone and Mac.

Platform: macOS and iOS

Price: Free for seven days, then $9.99/month. This app + 240 other apps for almost any task in one subscription.

EasyPrompter: a decent offline teleprompter

EasyPrompter is an online tool that works well with Apple gadgets. It features a split-screen view to easily read and mirror your teleprompter scripts. You can enjoy automatic sentence breaks and built-in text editing options such as script search. For those who subscribe, EasyPrompter's teleprompting features work both online and offline.

Main features:

  • The ability to customize speed and text size
  • The ability to flip text horizontally or vertically
  • Auto-breaks for sentences
  • Advanced text editing
  • The ability to save multiple scripts
  • Offline operation (without internet)
  • Quick keyboard shortcuts
  • The ability to use the app on two screens at once
  • Control with your smartphone

Ideal for: Anyone looking for a teleprompter that doesn't require a download and offers advanced text management and customization options.

Platform: web

Price: free or from $10.42/month.

Tip: Before you start to record your next video, try Speeko. It is a great tool to help you polish up your speaking skills. It acts as a personal voice coach, providing feedback on your pacing, clarity, and overall delivery. With Speeko's help, you can practice and improve your speech, ensuring that you are confident in your recordings.

practice your speech with Speeko

Virtual Teleprompter: essential features at an affordable price

The Virtual Teleprompter app is simple yet covers all the essentials, offering a clear screen display with options for automatic and manual text scrolling. It lets users customize the font size and color and includes settings for editing scripts. Virtual Teleprompter also features a built-in timer and word counter, aiding in presentation preparation. 

Main features:

  • Manual scrolling or auto-scrolling with adjustable speed
  • Adjustable fonts, colors, and sizes
  • Adjustable transparency
  • Adjustable layout and orientation
  • Ability to mirror text 
  • Built-in timer and word counter
  • Multilingual 

Ideal for: Complete novices seeking just the essentials at an affordable price.

Platform: Windows, macOS

Price: free or $7.99 as a one-time payment.

Tip: If you're getting ready to put together a script and wondering where to start, TypingMind comes in handy. Just tell it what you're talking about, who will be listening, and what you want to get across. TypingMind will do the heavy lifting from there, whipping up an outline for you.

Typing Mind chatgpt assistant

PromptSmart: a smart teleprompter for mobile devices

PromptSmart stands out as a teleprompter app with its VoiceTrack™ speech recognition feature, which syncs with your speech to scroll as you talk. This app is a game-changer for public speakers and video creators, cutting down on the need for retakes. The Lite version gives users a free taste of VoiceTrack™, and the Pro version comes packed with extra capabilities. It works with several cloud storage services, provides in-app support, and needs iOS 13 or above to work.

Main features:

  • VoiceTrack that follows when you speak and pauses when you stop speaking
  • VoiceTrack is available in five languages
  • Remote control
  • Adjustable speed
  • The ability to clone your presentation screen 
  • Adjustable fonts and colors 

Ideal for: iPhone and iPad users.

Platform: iOS and Android

Price: from $34.99/year. 

Teleprompter Premium: best free teleprompter for macOS and iOS

Teleprompter Premium stands out as the best free teleprompter app for Mac and iPhone users, especially beginners. It provides essential teleprompting functions, enabling users to input or upload their scripts effortlessly. With adjustable settings for font size, margins, and scroll speed, it simplifies script reading and ensures smooth eye tracking.

Ideal for beginners in need of a straightforward, free teleprompter app for Mac. However, it's also great for professional users and has many advanced features available with a paid version. 

Main features:

  • Text mirroring
  • Video recording
  • Timed scrolling
  • Keyboard control
  • Apple Watch control

Ideal for: Individuals seeking guidance on how to use teleprompter on Mac, because it's really simple to use. On the other hand, the app works great for everything from simple projects to complex video productions.

Platform: macOS and iOS

Price: Free or from 59.99/year.

Tips on how to use teleprompter on Mac and increase confidence

Have you ever noticed how professional content creators make reading from a teleprompter look so easy? They deliver their scripts smoothly, without awkward pauses or sounding like robots. Sure thing, this can feel unattainable for many beginners.

Below are a few tips for reading a teleprompter with confidence:

  • Read your script a few times before recording yourself
    If you want to get better with reading from a teleprompter, you need to know your script inside out. So, before hitting record, just take the time to dive into your script. Know what it says and how it flows. The more you read it, the smoother your delivery will be. And here's a small tip: use TypingMind to refine your script with AI. TypingMind has a collection of built-in AI characters that you can choose to chat with. From a stand-up comedian to a professional chef to a software developer, you can choose a character to write the text for you.
  • Start practicing at a slower pace
    Another useful tip that will let you get better with a teleprompter is to start reading at a slow scrolling speed. As you get more confident, slowly speed up the scroll to keep pace with your natural speaking rhythm.
  • Experiment with font sizes
    Did you know that changing the font size on your teleprompter can make a big difference? Bigger fonts mean less eye movement, so you look smoother and more natural. Smaller fonts might speed up your reading but could make your eyes dart around too much on camera. Find the right size that feels comfortable for you and helps keep your delivery engaging, making eye contact through the camera easier. Tools like Teleprompter App allow you to adjust font size to your liking.
  • Use pauses and pace wisely
    Mastering pauses and pacing can also improve your teleprompter delivery. There's no need to speed through your script. Adding natural breaks helps your audience grasp the content better and highlights important messages. To perfect this skill, try practicing with Speeko to refine your pacing and make your pauses more impactful.
  • Break it down into shorter takes
    If you work with a long script, consider splitting it into smaller, easier-to-handle parts. This approach will help you have some rest and focus better. 

Wrapping up: Teleprompter for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

As you can see, there are enough options when it comes to choosing teleprompter apps for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. If you have no time to read the entire article, pay attention to our comparison table at the top. 

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