The 10 Best Shows on Hulu Right Now

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Like Netflix, Hulu is a massively popular streaming platform that houses content across all genres. Hulu stands out because it is a service many networks like Fox use to house their back catalog. The service also has original content, making it a direct competitor for Netflix. Lets see what the best shows on Hulu are right now.

Best Shows on Hulu

  1. Killer Unknown 

    Killer Unknown Hulu

  2. 1 season


    This documentary tracks two detectives who come out of retirement to reopen cold case files. The detectives take a look into two murder cases: one from 1973, and another from 1998. Finding the killer or killers won’t be easy!

  3. Disappearance at Clifton Hill 

    Disappearance at Clifton Hill Hulu

  4. Movie, 1hour 41 minutes


    A woman in Niagara Falls is haunted by memories of an unsolved crime from her childhood. As an adult, she tries to unravel what happened and discovers her quaint idyllic town has a darker side.

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  5. Ramy 

    Ramy Hulu

  6. 2 seasons 


    First generation Egyptian-American Ramy is on a spiritual journey through life. As he navigates his Muslim upbringing and divided New Jersey neighborhood, this hilarious comedy tracks Ramy’s trek through life.

  7. Parasite 

    Parasite Hulu

  8. Movie, 2 hour 12 minutes


    This academy award winning film takes a dramatic and comedic look at class disparity. Two Korean families, the Parks and Kims, are typically separated by wealth and status. As fate brings them to the same table, the differences and similarities start to surface.

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  9. Wrinkles The Clown 

    Wrinkles the Clown Hulu

  10. Movie, 1 hour 18 minutes


    This short documentary is a look at how a viral YouTube video went viral, sparking hysteria and fear along the way. As more videos emerged, the oddity that was Wrinkles got darker, and stranger.

  11. Adventure Time 

    Adventure Time Hulu

  12. 13 seasons


    This incredible cartoon tracks human boy Finn and his 28-year-old best pal Jake, a dog with magical powers. Join them as they jaunt through the Land of Ooo battling zombies, saving princesses, making new friends, and traveling to new dimensions.

  13. Devs 

    Devs Hulu

  14. 1 season


    A murder. Lost trust. Suspect managers. A mysterious division at a large tech company. It all adds up to one of the most mind-melting shows you’ll ever see. After the mysterious death of her boyfriend, software developer Lily looked a little too closely at what her employers were up to and unearthed something she wasn’t ready for.

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  15. The Great 

    The Great Hulu

  16. 1 season


    This Hulu Original is a satirical look at Catherine the Great, the longest reigning female ruler in Russian history. Highly fictionalized, The Great draws from reality to frame Catehrine in an entirely new light.

  17. Letterkenny 

    Letterkenny Hulu

  18. 8 seasons


    In the small town of Letterkenny, you’re one of three things: a hick, a jock, or an outcast. This sitcom tracks all three groups as they feud with one another and get into (and out of) all kinds of hilarious situations.

  19. Little Fires Everywhere 

    Little Fires Everywhere Hulu

  20. 1 season


    Based on a best-selling book, Little Fires Everywhere tracks the Richardson family and examines the mother-daughter duo who turn their lives upside down. Motherhood, secrets, and identity are all weighed in this tense drama series.

This best Hulu shows list is almost a greatest hits for Hulu. Three of the shows listed are Hulu originals, showing just how great its original content is. Of all the content available on the platform, that its originals top the list of best TV shows on Hulu is indicative their in-house team is doing things right.

The top shows on Hulu aren’t always TV shows, either. It’s remarkable Hulu scored Parasite for its platform. Parasite won Oscars for best picture, best director, best screenplay, and best international feature film. A streaming service has never scored such a ‘get,’ meaning the best on Hulu isn’t even a Hulu show at all!

When you’re looking for the best shows to watch on Hulu, chances are you discovered them via a meme or GIF. In today’s always-connected world, so many of us actually discover content via unique means like social media. Have you ever wondered how those GIFs and memes are made?

It starts with downloading the shows, and there are two great apps for this. Downie lets you drag-and-drop links and download the video available via the URL. All you you have to do is put the URL of any Hulu video right into Downie, and it will download the video for you!

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You can download videos in 4K, where available, or choose to download just the audio. We really like this for shows you may have on in the background, or when trying to absorb information from a Hulu documentary or show when multitasking.

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When you’re looking for what shows are on Hulu, the choices are subjective. We like the options on our list, but keep in mind your mileage may vary. But even if it does, Hulu has so much incredible content it’s hard to imagine you will feel left wanting.

And when you’re ready to watch, we bet you’ll find it easier to watch when you don’t have to worry about your signal strength, or data caps. That’s why we advocate downloading shows. It’s easier than trying to muddle through a menu on Hulu, too. If all you have to do is open a MacBook or turn on your screen and find movies from a list on your computer, you can start watching faster!

Downie and Folx are similar, and both are great options for accomplishing your goals. Downie is really simple and effective when you find a show or two you want to download, or a few movies to watch. We like its simplicity and ease of use.

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