Playlists for every part of your work day

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Say goodbye to awkward pauses in your meetings or Zoom calls — to mark this year's World Productivity Day, we've prepared playlists for better productivity in your meetings, your task-wrangling sessions, brainstorms and creative bouts, stand-ups...

The mindset with which you approach tasks can be the most important ingredient to a successful result. Set the mood to your workday with our curated playlists!

Our ready-made playlists for a variety of settings will save you hours of time and make it easy to be productive. Follow Setapp on Spotify and Apple Music.

Why use productivity playlists

Let's face it, when you are pressing snooze on your alarm in the morning, more often than not, tackling complicated tasks is the last thing you want to do. But once you set your mind to it, you are surprised how easily it can be to go through your to-do list.

We designed our playlists for weekday productivity so that you can rely on them for filling awkward pauses in meetings, inspiring your team at standups, and getting you through an intense brainstorm or work session.

Here's a look at the playlists we have in store for you:

  • Daily Standup Set | 15 Min
  • Deep Focus Set | One Hour
  • Hard Code Set | 45 Min
  • Creative Inspiration | Taskheat
  • Craft Your Pitch | Yac
  • LoFi Background for Work & Study | LoFi Garden
  • Productive Writing Mix | Ulysses
  • Flash Recharge Break | CleanMyMac X
  • Creativity Booster | Two Hours (new)
  • Brainstorm Session | One Hour (new)
  • Power Nap | 20 Min (new)
  • Mindfulness Set | UpLife (new)
  • Breeze Through Tasks | UpLife (new)
  • For Calm Work | GreenBooks (new)

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How to pick your productivity playlist

All playlists in our collection are made with a specific task in mind. Need a soundtrack for your coding session? Press play on our hard code 45-minute playlist. Want to set the mood for your daily standup? Choose our 15-minute daily standup set.

We've also asked app makers whose products are featured on Setapp to make their own productivity playlists for you. Writing app Ulysses came up with a wonderful set for a productive writing session, Mac cleaner CleanMyMac X brought a mix for clearing out your mind just like they clean out your Mac.

Look through our quick overviews of each of the playlists to get an idea what tasks and situations they will be most suitable for.

Daily Standup Set | 15 Min

This light electronic set will help energize your team for the rest of the day and set the mood for quick and productive review of the day’s agenda.

Deep Focus Set | One Hour

This hour-long set of soothing electronic tracks with a sprinkle of indie and a whisper of folk will help you breeze through your to-do list with nothing interfering with your focus.

Hard Code Set | 45 Min

Give your mind a boost rivaling your morning cup of coffee with this dynamic and funky set for a highly focused coding, writing, or brainstorm session.

Creative Inspiration | Taskheat

Looking for some creative inspiration? This mix of indie, rock, and alternative tracks brought to you by task managing app Taskheat will inspire you to approach your tasks with a refreshed sense of creativity.

LoFi Background for Work & Study | LoFi Garden

Sometimes what you need is a perfectly lowkey, undistracting music, and this set is exactly that. Curated by lofi music experts — LoFi Garden team — this mix of old school hip hop music is an ideal background for any given workday.

Productive Writing Mix | Ulysses

Created by an actual DJ — who happens to be the Head of Support at Ulysses Alex, — this playlist of electronic, dance, and techno music will help promote an unwavering focus on your writing and planning tasks.

Flash Recharge Break | CleanMyMac X

Mac cleaning expert CleanMyMac X brings a diverse set of alternative indie, dance, and electronic tracks to clear your mind on a fruitful break.

At CleanMyMac, we believe that a clean mind (and not only a clean Mac) is the key to your productivity. That’s why we’ve compiled a playlist that can help you take a break, set your mind free from noisy chatter and chaos, and tune up for productive work.
The playlist was born out of the music preferences of the CleanMyMac team. That’s how we ended up with the perfect blend of relaxing and inspiring music for any taste — from alternative indie to dance and electronic, — so that anyone looking for peace of mind could find it here.

Creativity Booster | Two Hours

If you think you can't just summon your creative muse on demand, you might change this conviction after you listen to this playlist. Designed to push your mind on a creative journey, this mid-tempo electronic set is perfect for sparking new ideas!

Brainstorm Session | One Hour

Nothing stalls the idea flow more than awkward silence. Avoid the need to come up with emergency ice-breakers with this dynamic background for your next brainstorm session.

Power Nap | 20 Min

There are days when a short rest is all you need to give your mind a little break in the middle of a jam-packed day. Use this soothing playlist to lull you into a conveniently timed nap.

Mindfulness Set | UpLife

Focus on the here and now with this set compiled by UpLife app creators. They must know a thing or two about staying grounded and focused as the app helps take care of one's mental health through various exercises right on your iPhone.

Breeze Through Tasks | UpLife

This breezy electro-pop playlist from UpLife makers will help you keep your eye on the prize as you go through your to-do list for the day!

For Calm Work | GreenBooks

GreenBooks makers know that when it comes to your more demanding tasks, it's important to have the music backdrop that doesn't distract.

Whether you want to use this playlist while you are recording and reviewing your expenses and budget in GreenBooks, or doing other tasks, this playlist will definitely make a good addition to your work music sets.

Extra tip: Focus with AI soundscapes

Boost your focus with AI soundscapes that are generated in real time and match a location, current weather there, and time of day. Use the GetSound app on Setapp for your Mac and iOS devices.

Pick an environmental layer to add to your ambient soundscape, e.g. Forest, Lake, Coffee Shop, Office, Urban, and more, and enjoy a soothing soundtrack to your work.

Getsound location based sound

More productive with less effort

Being productive is not just about your mood and focus, it's also about having the right tools. Just as with the playlists we've prepared for your daily use, you can boost productivity manyfold with handy apps.

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