Mind mapping is a perfect way to put down ideas and concepts created during brainstorming. It helps better understand what needs to be presented and lets all the process participants visualize the main ideas and trace their connections.

How does mind mapping take place? Teammates get together to brainstorm, exchange ideas, share their opinions and briefly put down what was created.

Later on, all the results of team brainstorming are put together in one place (usually a team manager is responsible for that) – it’s mainly a chart or a diagram with a clear flow of dependencies and associations. This chart is shared with all team members, and then the team creates specific projects and individual tasks to bring to life what was intended.

Setapp for Teams, a Mac platform with 200+ apps for various business needs, offers a bunch of tools for brainstorming, creating flawless presentations and diagrams for every step of the mind mapping process. Let’s check them all out.

Cloud Outliner, precious idea management software for teams

What are the outlines? These are specific notes you can use for organizing your plans and projects. Customize them the way you want to fit all your needs. Highly interactive, they help create outlines between your Macs, iPhones, and iPads, and even your Evernote account, if you have any. 

Imagine a bright idea suddenly coming to your mind, it’s better to put it down right away, or you risk forgetting it for good. Cloud Outliner’s integration with iCloud and Evernote is strong support in your daily routine, and its import/export feature and easy-to-use text editor make it a perfect work helper.

Synchronize, edit, share projects, and assignments the way you like, and try potent outline editor to feel the full power of its features:

  • Drag&Drop to sort rows;

  • Select a few rows and checkboxes at a time;

  • Use automatic numbering;

  • Add notes to your assignments;

  • Change text and other items;

  • Emphasize what’s essential with numerous formats;

  • See what you’ve already completed;

  • Use numerous filters to quickly find what you search for.

Cloud Outliner is idea management software that best fits the needs of designers, managers, and every team member, both for personal productivity and team brainstorming. 

MindNode, an app for idea management on Mac

MindNode is an outstanding tool for idea management on Mac. Brainstorm visually and create stunning mind maps on your Mac with ease. Capture your every thought in a click, add more context to your thoughts by categorizing content with visual tags. Thus you will sort out ideas and connect them the way you want. 

Make your thoughts look beautiful and capture every detail with Quick entry – an irreplaceable feature if you need to catch a thought in a flash. It’s always there in a menu bar, patiently waiting for your ideas. You’re just a click away from your future mind map. Have an eye on your progress, turn your nodes into tasks, and see how you coped with the planned projects. Change layout and see your mind map from another perspective. Need to check open projects only? Turn to task mode to check what is there to do. 

Here’s our personal favorite feature – Focus mode, extremely comfy when you need to focus and leave behind all distractions and notifications. Finish your thought easily and let everything else step aside.

Not a fan of a classic layout? Change it for any theme from the MindNode gallery and create a unique style. Use Dark mode to save your eyes at night and enjoy the Smart layout that helps you keep all the thoughts organized and nice looking. Perfect for designers, copywriters, managers, marketers, and all team members who are a part of the creative process. Enjoy!

iThoughtsX, superb idea management Mac software 

iThoughtsX is a world-known mind mapping tool for brainstorming ideas, taking notes, creating detailed and good-looking presentations both for personal goals and daily work tasks. Its interface is pretty to look at and intuitively easy to use. A bunch of extremely important features makes iThoughtsX an irreplaceable idea management Mac software. You be the judge: import and export, different categories, cloud sync, managing tasks, reports and dashboards, various layouts, special presentation mode, complete safety, quick search and lovely interface. It’s non-compulsory but so nice to have hundreds of icons, patterns, and clip arts that bring fun to daily brainstorming. Who said mind mapping should be boring?

iThoughtsX interface is as easy as pie, and the Quick Filter function lets you find whatever you need in just a sec. Magic! Perfect for brainstorming for everyone engaged in the creative process and presenting mind maps – managers, marketers, product designers, copywriters, and many other team members. 

Diagrams, a Mac app for creating structured graphical charts

Diagrams, idea management software for your Mac, is extremely popular among those who face a daily need to create structured and good-looking diagrams. Its intuitive interface leaves no space for distractions and lets you concentrate on what’s important. The sophisticated visual style and thought-out process let you create great diagrams in no time. 

Model business processes, show dependencies between projects, categorize tasks, find solutions and organize specific structures – whatever you need is already out there. Moreover, Diagrams lets you present what you’ve created and visualize flows, links, and projects, etc. Any business purpose will meet a polished solution in Diagrams: see project hierarchies, plan and organize, capture workflows and mind map. Perfect!

An intuitive interface won’t let you get distracted, just stay focused on your tasks. Easily edit diagrams, enjoy the smart layout and its various elements, and share what you’ve got there with your colleagues. Recommended for accountants, project managers, product managers, marketers, and everyone working with diagrams on a daily basis. 

Mind mapping can be a pleasant process if you have a good Mac app to deal with it. Setapp for Teams has many apps to offer. It’s a collection of over 200 various tools for every business need you and your teammates face at work. Don’t hesitate and try it for free for 2 weeks. Don’t worry, no credit card required. Pay only if you want to continue. Make your group brainstorming a comfortable, funny, and productive process. Try a few apps from those we offered and choose the one to achieve your work goals, or combine them for higher team productivity. Enjoy!