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How To Use Recovery Mode On Mac
August 31, 2020
Your Mac could become unresponsive, some malware file could corrupt your macOS installation, you might delete an important system file by mistake, etc. It might even be that you just need to wipe your Mac clean to sell it, or do the same thing after you’ve bought a used one. All the above is possible to do in Mac Recovery mode, a powerful built-in feature which most people are not familiar with.
How To Record Google Meet, Zoom, And Skype Meetings
August 26, 2020
Video conference meetings have lots of advantages besides saving time. They demand focus, everyone is usually on time, and it’s much easier to record Zoom meetings than in-person ones, given you have an appropriate setup in place. There are dozens of ways Zoom screen recordings can be used within your organization, from referencing specific knowledge in future projects to bringing new employees up to speed.
How to Make a GIF
August 21, 2020
GIFs are a fun and popular means of communication. While we once had to write our feelings or emotional state out long form, we can now send a GIF in hopes the recipient knows what we’re alluding to.