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How To Set Up HomePod Quickly
April 21, 2020
HomePod is an Apple smart speaker first announced in 2018. As we’ve come to expect from Apple’s devices, it combines all the best aspects from other top contenders on the market with the capability of a truly high-end audio system.
How To Transfer Photos To iPad
April 16, 2020
When we want to scroll through our digital photo library or show it to our friends, neither Mac nor iPhone are the perfect solution. Arguably, the best way to present pictures today is through an iPad, which you can also use to quickly put them up on a larger Apple TV-enabled screen.
What Mac Do I Have?
April 07, 2020
So you might be wondering how to find Mac model number? Or you might be asking yourself “How old is my Mac really?” or even “What MacBook do I have right now?” Let’s dive into these questions one by one.
How To Select Multiple Photos On iCloud
April 06, 2020
Nowadays we take more pictures than ever. We record our daily lives on an hourly basis and require dozens of selfies to get that perfect Instagram shot. Combine this with increased megapixel count on each photo and you get heavy and overflowing photo libraries, which quickly eat up all the available storage space on our devices. And since there’s virtually no way to upgrade your phone storage, apart from buying a new expensive phone, people turn to iCloud.