How to make your Mac read to you

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Research shows more than 8 in 10 Americans get their information by reading from a digital device, while medical experts are warning about “computer vision syndrome,” which results from prolonged computer, tablet, e-reader, and cell phone use. Now more people are looking for ways to reduce screen time and one of the strategies to do so is by finding out how to make my Mac read to me.

Apple provides a solution with an option to audibly read text on Mac using Siri and thus diversify your content consumption. From simply letting you know what’s on screen while you look away to checking how the text sounds and getting audio announcements, let’s get right into the details of this little-known feature and find the answer to “how do I get my Mac to read text aloud?”

Can Macs read text out loud?

Apple has created plenty of accessibility features, making their devices more inclusive for people with visual, hearing, physical, and literacy impairments. But these new device interaction options benefit all kinds of users.

Text to speech is among the most useful assistive technology tools on Mac. Spoken Content is divided into four general sections: spoken announcements, selected text, items under the pointer, and typing feedback. Enabling and tailoring the speak text Mac features to your needs will only take a few minutes, so why not try it right now?

How to read text on Mac out loud 

macOS has a built-in text to speech feature to help you read text on Mac, but you will need to tweak a few settings. Here’s how to make my Mac read to me:

  1. Click on the Apple icon and select System Settings.
  2. Go to Accessibility section.
  3. Choose Spoken Content from the menu on the right.
  4. Toggle “Speak selection” on.
  5. Highlight the content you want to listen to and press Esc + Option.

make mac read text

To stop the read text on Mac function, simply press the keyboard command again. This speak text Mac feature works on all content, including Safari, Chrome, or Firefox web pages.

If you plan on using TTS features often or consume a lot of audio content in general, you’ll need a good sound enhancer for your Mac, like Boom 3D.

Boom 3D is a comprehensive sound booster and equalizer for Mac. Designed to help your speakers perform optimally without any additional hardware, the app gives several options for fine-tuning your experience all from the main app window. Boom 3D can adjust audio levels to match the genre of whatever you’re listening to and create an impression of being surrounded by speakers, which instantly levels up anything you’re listening to!

boom3d for mac

Customizing how your Mac reads text

Now that you know exactly how to make your computer read to you Mac, here are a few options to personalize this experience:

  • Key combination. Click on the “i” button from the Spoken Content section in Accessibility settings and enter the key combination you want to use for activating the TTS feature instead of the default Esc + Option.
  • Sentence style. Click the pop-up menu in Spoken Content to have spoken sentences indicated by an underline or with a background color.
  • Highlight content. Use the same pop-up menu to make words or sentences highlight as your Mac speaks and set the sentence and word colors.
  • Show controller. Choose whether you want a controller to always or never pop up on screen when read text on Mac is on. It’s useful to pause, resume, or stop speak text Mac, change the rate, and skip ahead or backward in the text.

mac reads text

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How to use speak text Mac feature daily

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