The top 27 tips for amateur photographers

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Taking photos has never been easier thanks to the steady rise of smartphones. If you’re new to photography, here are some tips you can learn to make your images even better.

  1. Practice at Home
    Take photographs of the nature that surrounds your home, the food that you plate, and the people you interact. Practicing techniques at home will make you a better photographer.
    Tip 1: practice
  2. Know Your Camera
    Whether you're using an iPhone or DSLR camera, make sure you know how it works, preferably before you want to use it.
    Tip 2: Keep your camera with you all the time
  3. Buy Books, Not New Gear
    Accessories for cameras can be expensive. Instead, buy books about photography. They will always be useful.
    Tip 3: The gear you have does not matter
  4. Understand Composition
    Composition is an essential feature in photography. Once you understand it and can efficiently use compositional techniques, your photography will improve.
    Tip 4: Composition
  5. Make it About You
    Photography is a personal experience. Understand that every image you snap is a self-portrait. Capture your view of the world, and your photos will ultimately reflect this.
    Tip 5: Experimenting with a scene
  6. Look for Different Colors
    Be on the lookout for color combinations that show different aspects of your environment. Think of the colors of walls, signs, windows, and doors.
    Tip 6: Change the color of anything in your photo
  7. Take Advantage of the Golden Hour, Sunset
    Take pictures in the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset.Then stay for sunset, which will give you images with a golden glow.
    Tip 7: Tips on shooting at golden hour for beautiful light
  8. Join the Nightlife
    Especially in cities, nighttime was made for photo-taking. Look for interesting people walking around town and illuminated buildings.
    Tip 8: An example of night photography
  9. Don't Go Overboard
    Life shouldn't be all about taking photographs. Especially when you're on a trip, take some time for yourself. Observe your surroundings and take it all in.
    Tip 9: Relax
  10. Snap the Scene
    Always take lots of shots during a shoot. You can always delete the images you don't like later.
    Tip 10: Non-stop photoshooting
  11. Snap the Boring Stuff, Too
    It's okay to take photo of the everyday stuff. You might be surprised with what you discover.
    Tip 11: It's not a boring object, it's a stunning object
  12. Get Hungry
    Taking photos of food might not sound glamorous. Nonetheless, doing so will make you a better photographer.
    Tip 12: Food photography
  13. Find People
    Locate the sweet spots in your location to find photo opportunities. Check out coffee shops, shopping centers, and pubs.
    Tip 13: How to photograph people
  14. Patterns are Good
    The human brain loves patterns. Search for them in faces, clothing, and the clouds.
    Tip 14: Patterns
  15. Be Conscious of Your Background
    Backgrounds can turn ordinary photos into extraordinary ones. Consider the trees, people, mountains, waterways, etc.
    Tip 15: Background
  16. And Foreground
    Similar to the background, consider the foreground, too. The foreground is especially useful for creating a sense of depth in your photographs.
    Tip 16: Foreground
  17. Frame the Shoots
    Frame the shots as you take them, by showing the viewer the surroundings and "framing" your subject with environmental aspects. It will bring them in closer and appreciate your image more.
    Tip 17: Framing
  18. But, Sometimes Subtract from a Frame
    Understand that sometimes less is more. If an object doesn't invoke emotion or add to the story you're trying to tell, remove it.
    Tip 18: Less is more
  19. Candid Camera
    Remember candid moments. Capture your kids laughing, your significant other trying to start a lawnmower, and more.
    Tip 19: Candid moments
  20. Watch the Weather
    Be sure to embrace the weather forecast. From wintery nights to overcast days, the weather tells a story.
    Tip 20: Weather moments
  21. Explore Perspectives
    Always shift your perspective to get different shots. Shoot your subject from different angles. Move. Dance. Have fun.
    Tip 21: Change your perspective
  22. Attempt Long Exposures
    Long Exposures work great with a natural density filter and daylight. Watch as the movement of people blurs, creating a dazzling image.
    Tip 22: Long exposure
  23. Speaking of Movement …
    Search for movement in your scenes — someone running, jumping, perhaps a plane, or flowers blowing in the wind.
    Tip 23: Movement magic
  24. Remember Fun
    Believe in what you're doing with your camera and be happy about it always. If you're becoming miserable, do something else.
    Tip 24: Make your photos fun
  25. Push Yourself
    Becoming a master photographer means always learning. Move out of your comfort zone and finding new subjects.
    Tip 25: Enjoy the learning process
  26. Make It Even Better
    Enhance your shots with an AI-powered app like Luminar Neo and share them on social media. Use AI tools to creatively edit your portraits and landscapes, removing imperfections and adding impressive augmentations.
    Tip 26: Enhance your shots
  27. Print Your Work
    Digital photography shouldn't mean the end of physical prints. Put your favorite photos on the wall or your desk. Create a photo book for your friends.
    Tip 27: Print your work

What suggestions do you have for amateur photographers?

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