Were online meetings and web conferencing a new thing before the COVID-19 pandemic hit? Of course not. Did the pandemic accelerate the adoption of online meetings, presentations, and daily communication? Definitely yes. Reuters report that the number of online meetings on Zoom surged from 10 million in December 2019 to 200 million in March 2020. 

It's 2021, and the pandemic slowly goes away, but it seems that online meetings are here to stay. So, if you can't condone boring Zoom and Google Meet for daily calls, our guide is just the right read. Here you'll find helpful Mac apps that'll take your online meetings and presentations to another level. Check them out:

Boom 3D

Boom 3D isn't your average sound enhancer and equalizer. Its core feature is 3D Surround Sound that creates the unique wraparound sound around you from built-in speakers on your Mac or earphones. Thus, outside construction sounds or a neighbor playing piano won't distract you during an important call. 

On top of that, Boom 3D offers a variety of equalizer presets and an audio enhancer. This simple app significantly improves sound and increases volume without deteriorating quality. We call this app a must-have for audiophiles, but busy bees that spend half of their day in online meetings and presentations will benefit from this application too.


Screen recording isn't rocket science. However, tools like Capto spice up screen recording and video editing a bit. We recommend this Mac app for people that record lots of user tutorials and screencasts. 

First, Capto allows you to record a specific screen area if you want to focus your viewers' attention on important things. Second, Capto enables voiceover and simultaneous recording from your front camera to add personality to your tutorials. 

Third, you can edit your videos and screenshots, adding effects like fade-in and fade-out. Enough spoilers, get to know Capto yourself – you'll love this app!


What if we told you that you could share your screen with a holographic effect? With Vidrio, your Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet calls will never be the same.

Jokes aside, Vidrio livens up regular screen-sharing sessions with a presenter's face on a background of a shared screen. Instead of a dull little square with a face in the corner, your viewers will see a transparent image of you and the material you present. 

Creators of Vidrio took care of user experience, so you can adjust opacity and shift a focus to your presentation and vice versa. 


What's the worst thing that can happen during an online presentation to your team? Poor internet connection, hardware issues, and silly messages pop up at the wrong moment…you name it. PliimPRO can prevent one thing from this list: unexpected notifications. 

This application disables desktop notifications with one click, removes desktop clutter, and quickly mutes you when neighbors decide to drill a wall. All in all, PliimPRO doesn't leave you a chance to embarrass yourself during a presentation or a call. 


So many teams, so many online meetings tools. Why don't you collect them all in one place with Meeter

This app gathers more than 30 video conferencing and online meeting tools in one. Just add your meetings and links to Meeter and connect from one application, as simple as that. Use a Speed Dial feature to connect to a 1:1 meeting in seconds – no need to look for a necessary link or a conference identification number.


If you get overwhelmed with online meetings, Yac comes to the rescue. Yac enables asynchronous meetings with voice messaging, screen sharing, and images so you can communicate at a convenient time and place. 

In an asynchronous meeting with Yac, you can record your screen, add voice and text annotations, and draw messages. Speed up the video playback or slow it down to get the teammates' ideas right.

Once you finish, share a link to your recorded voice messages or recorded screens. Your colleagues can open the link in a browser without actually having Yac on their Macs.


Speeko is a unique AI-powered speech coach that helps you cope with several tasks at once: anxiety giving a speech, lack of confidence, and unclear speech. 

Record your speech, and Speeko will analyze parameters like intonation, pauses, and speech pace. Then, this assistant will provide you with actionable tips and warm-up exercises to build your muscle memory and polish your speech skills. 

If you prefer a consistent approach, take on-demand courses to practice skills like storytelling, impromptu speaking, and online presentations. 


If Mark Twain were born in the 21st century, he'd use SideNotes for sure. This small sidebar application keeps all of your notes at hand: whether you're on an online meeting, watching a video, or reading a fascinating book.

The SideNotes app doesn't distract you. Adjust the settings, so you can quickly access the app with a shortcut or a click. Choose the side of a screen where SideNotes will appear so you feel comfortable writing down the necessary notes. 

The app also supports monospace font for code and markdown, giving you versatile formatting options. 

If you've made it to the end of this long guide, congratulations! You discovered a dozen of helpful apps for productive online meetings and presentations. Now you can download all of these apps from Setapp for Teams or recommend them to your colleagues.