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Compress images without losing quality with Squash app
Here’s how to start Squashing. If you’ve got .jpg or .png image files that are too big to send or that are taking up too much room, this is the app for you.
Design Thinking: best apps to master the skill
Mastering design thinking isn’t easy, it will require practice and focus, but the apps described here will give you a head start and the best chance of succeeding. Choose the right tools and you’ll be well on your way.
Manuscripts: an app to excel at academic writing
Purpose-built to handle sections and subsections, bibliography citations, equations, and tables, the Manuscripts helps keep track of supporting evidence and requirements while giving you a distraction-free writing environment.
Findings 2: Manage research projects of any size
Setapp users not only get full access to over 100 apps for any task at hand but also every update those apps will ever release. Just like today, when Findings is becoming Findings 2, it is immediately available to everyone on the platform.
The best way to take notes on a Mac
Taking notes on a Mac is as simple as opening Notes and starting to type. But the best way to take notes actually depends on your own personal habits. We've gathered best of the best note-taking apps in Setapp, so you have access to them all for your ideal workflow. Try for free!
Setapp Nominated for An Interactive Innovation Award at SXSW 2018
We are delighted to announce that Setapp has been nominated for an Interactive Innovation Award at SXSW in Austin, Texas.
10 Habits of productive people that will change the way you work
How to increase productivity? Here are tips for improving your schedule, optimizing your routines to being more efficient.
Files too big to send by email? Share them with this guide
How many times has this happened to you? You're trying to send a big file you've been working on—say a video or a presentation, or maybe just a really high-res photo—by email. But your emails keep popping back unsent with an “attachment too large” error message.
Setapp launches extra seats for more Macs
Big news: adding more Macs now available. Read more or get to max out the Macs in your Setapp.
New app Spotless launches on Setapp only
Setapp is exclusively launching Spotless, an app that makes organizing the files on your Mac effortless or even automatic! Check it out