Ace Your Next Exam with Studies
July 20, 2018
​Whether you’re trying to master the MCAT or just pass a Spanish class, chances are you’re going to need to memorize a lot of new information. And one of the surest ways to build up your recall and familiarity with new terms and ideas is the humble flashcard.
Do your best writing on your blog with Blogo
July 17, 2018
If you maintain a personal blog or website, you probably have a horror story to share. Maybe you poured your heart into a post or comment only to lose it when your browser crashed. Maybe you just hate the interface that your hosting site uses. But if it’s time for a change, whatever the reason, Blogo is the app for you.
Preview and edit markdown texts with Marked
July 16, 2018
Marked serves as a one-stop shop for previewing, styling, and exporting your rich text, whether you plan to print it or publish it on the web. It’s the easy way to make sure all of your formatting and lists look exactly as you want them to. Here’s how to shape up your texts using Marked.