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Ace Your Next Exam with Studies
​Whether you’re trying to master the MCAT or just pass a Spanish class, chances are you’re going to need to memorize a lot of new information. And one of the surest ways to build up your recall and familiarity with new terms and ideas is the humble flashcard.
Do your best writing on your blog with Blogo
If you maintain a personal blog or website, you probably have a horror story to share. Maybe you poured your heart into a post or comment only to lose it when your browser crashed. Maybe you just hate the interface that your hosting site uses. But if it’s time for a change, whatever the reason, Blogo is the app for you.
Preview and edit markdown texts with Marked
Marked serves as a one-stop shop for previewing, styling, and exporting your rich text, whether you plan to print it or publish it on the web. It’s the easy way to make sure all of your formatting and lists look exactly as you want them to. Here’s how to shape up your texts using Marked.
Check your calendar on the fly with BusyCal
​Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? BusyCal​ is here to change all that. This fully featured, information-rich calendar for Mac lets you craft custom daily, weekly, and monthly views so you can manage your time on your terms.
How to create a mood board: tips and tools to do it
​When you’re looking for a source of inspiration to kick your design skills into a higher gear and get those creative juices flowing for your next masterpiece, what you need is a mood board. Here are some tips on why and how to do it.
Instagram for Business: A Full Guide on Growing Your Account
Instagram as a business tool needs no extra proof, it’s a massive platform with millions of people who can discover and buy what you have to offer. So I won’t spend time explaining how profitable correct advertisement on Instagram can be, you’re probably here because you know that already. What I will explain is how to make money with your account, how to get more instagram followers, and what other apps might come in handy on the way.
9 apps in Setapp perfect for stretching your creativity
Why creativity is so important? Taking an hour for creativity can help your brain wake up and get inspired. So letting yourself be creative, even if you don’t normally consider yourself artistic, is a great way to exercise your whole brain, which can help you think faster and stay motivated.
Simple Ways to Inspire Yourself at Work
Where else can you turn for inspiration? What’s the best way to keep all your ideas together and organized in a way that fires your imagination and inspires you at work? Fortunately, there are a few tools for the Mac that, used regularly, could be providing you with inspiration and fostering that creative streak that lies within you.
How to get and install macOS Mojave
The much anticipated new macOS update has arrived. In this article, we’ll tell you when you can get your hands on macOS Mojave and how to install it when you do.
How to Perform a Wireless Site Survey to Get the Most from Your WiFi
Whenever your WiFi is underperforming, it’s worth carrying out a site survey. Bad WiFi isn’t always the fault of the provider or the router. It can be. But mostly, there are other things at play. It’s how WiFi is configured that often makes or breaks a good WiFi signal.