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Turn websites into customizable apps with Unite

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Before you ask, you don’t have to know how to make an app to make an app. For sure, app development is a rocket science in case you start from scratch – impossible to handle without an experienced developer. Migrating content from web to mobile is a whole different story, though.  

Create mobile version of any website in minutes

Unite is an app for building apps. It takes your website and transforms into a macOS app that you can easily edit, customize, and brand. For each of the newly created apps, there are unique cookies as well as support for scripts and styles, so that every app is tied to its own environment.

Intuitive app creation

Once you launch Unite, you need no further guidance. The creation tool was built for anyone, from an app develop to a complete beginner. To get started, you only need to paste your website URL and pick the name for a new app. Unite will automatically assign your app a favicon, or you can upload a custom icon.

Convert YouTube website to an app

Every app owns a browser

Fail-free browsing is the defining feature of any app you create, because each of them comes with its own browser. Based on WebKit 2, Unite browsers never fail you, whatever features or plugins you put on the app. Apart from traditional macOS features like TouchBar support and notifications, Unite also has capabilities for URL forwarding and whitelisting.

Rich customization options

Completely change the look and feel of your macOS app – Unite will support you in this. Show icon in the title bar, change title and tab bar color, or toggle window name and icon. And if beauty is not enough, Unite allows you to customize window settings and save them for future – from fonts to floating windows.

Status-bar apps

Keep it close at hand. Unite’s creation tool gives you the option to pin the app to the status bar. You can also move your new creation to the status bar via the menu whenever you need an easy access to one of the app’s services. Feels distracting? Resize by dragging onto the circle in the bottom right corner.

If you have a website or plan to have it in future, Unite transformation is definitely worth a try. On Setapp, you can test drive Unite for free and see website content flowing into a macOS app – fast and beautiful.

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