The best iPhone cleaner apps in 2024

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If you know how to clean iPhone storage, you’ll spend less time navigating through your phone looking for files. In addition, less clutter makes your device faster and saves you money, since you can opt for a cheaper iPhone model with less storage.

A paid or free iPhone cleaner app will take a few seconds to do its job but can make a big difference in your everyday experience. Not sure where to start? Rely on our guide below.

Does the iPhone have a cleanup app?

There’s no default iPhone cleanup app that would be comparable to the quality and speed of third-party alternatives.

The best you can do with built-in iPhone tools is go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and follow the featured recommendations, such as emptying the Recently Deleted album.

Other than that, the only way to delete duplicate or similar photos and videos is to scroll through and manually select them one by one. Since this process might take hours every month, if you want to keep your iPhone clean, automatic cleanup by third-party apps is recommended.

check iPhone storage

What’s the best free app to clean iPhone?

Now, you need to decide which cleaner app to use. Here are a few key features that the best free cleaning apps for iPhone should have:

  • Delete duplicate photos and videos
  • Delete similar or blurry photos
  • Delete or merge duplicate contacts
  • Be easy to use
  • Be free or affordable

Following these guidelines, our top recommendations are CleanMy®Phone, Hyper Cleaner, Easy Cleaner, Cleanup, and Boost Cleaner.

CleanMy®PhoneHyper CleanerEasy CleanerCleanupBoost Cleaner
Removes photosyesyesyesyesyes
Removes videosyesyesyesyesyes
Merges contactsnoyesyesyesyes
Extra featuresOrganize similar photos, network speed testAd blocker, private browserSecret spaceEmail cleanerCalendar cleaner
Pricefree with Setapp$4.99 a week$4.99 a week$5.99 a week$4.99 a week

CleanMy®Phone: All-in-one iPhone optimizer

A major revamp of the much-loved Gemini duplicate photo iPhone cleaner app has resulted in CleanMy®Phone — the latest and one of the most comprehensive apps to clean iPhone out there.

CleanMy®Phone solves the problem of looking through your photo library and manually picking which photos and videos should stay and which should be deleted.

Its smart AI algorithm automatically detects duplicates, outdated screenshots, and blurred photos, which you can review and delete in one click. In addition, it helps you organize your photo library into custom folders, such as documents, travel, food, and portraits.

CleanMy®Phone cleaner

All the scans in CleanMy®Phone are private, and no data ever leaves your device. You can even delete duplicate photos in the offline mode.


  • Easy to use
  • Deletes photos and videos
  • Organizes your library
  • Offline mode


  • Paid, unless used with Setapp

Technical details

  1. Price: $24.99 a year, or included in Setapp
  2. Supported systems: iOS, iPadOS
  3. Features: Photo cleanup, offline mode, network speed test
  4. Availability: Setapp, App Store
  5. Latest version: 2.0

Hyper Cleaner: Photo cleaner with an ad blocker

Another app for keeping your iPhone in shape is Hyper Cleaner. With Hyper Cleaner, you can delete duplicate and similar photos and videos in one click. In addition, the app will flag old screenshots and long unwatched videos.

Besides photos and videos, you can use Hyper Cleaner’s private browser, organize contacts, and keep photos and videos in a secret folder.

Hyper Cleaner

But that’s just the beginning. With a premium subscription, you’ll also get access to an ad blocker, battery life tips, and the ability to compress videos with minimal quality loss.


  • Cleans up duplicate and similar photos


  • Expensive
  • Too many unrelated features

Technical details

  1. Price: $4.99 a week
  2. Supported systems: iOS
  3. Features: Photo cleanup, ad blocker, video compressor
  4. Availability: App Store
  5. Latest version: 1.3

Easy Cleaner: Free up space and hide secret files

Easy Cleaner, boasting over 1 million users, is a smart and quick cleanup tool for your iPhone. It allows you to quickly go through your photo library, swiping left for those you want to delete and swiping right for those you want to keep. Besides, the app will help you delete similar and duplicate photos, screenshots, and videos automatically.

In addition to media, Easy Cleaner can organize your contacts, merging those with the same numbers and deleting those that have no name, phone number, or email recorded.

Easy Cleaner

Like Hyper Cleaner, Easy Cleaner offers a secret, passcode-protected space for your photos, videos, and contacts. The app also features a Home Screen widget, which makes tracking the state of your phone much easier.


  • Cleans up photos, videos, and contacts
  • Easy and fun to use


  • Expensive

Technical details

  1. Price: $4.99 a week
  2. Supported systems: iOS
  3. Features: Photo cleaner, contacts cleaner, secret folder
  4. Availability: App Store
  5. Latest version: 1.7

Cleanup: Swipe to remove photos quickly

One more fun iPhone cleaner app is Cleanup. Just like Easy Cleaner, Cleanup lets you swipe left and right on photos to quickly go through them. Plus, it suggests only keeping the best photos that are in focus, favorited by you, where you’re smiling or looking straight at the camera, etc. Anyway, Cleanup always asks you to do a final review, never deleting anything without your permission.

Before deleting unwanted videos, Cleanup lets you sort them by size to get rid of the largest ones first. The app also offers an easy way to merge contacts and clean up emails, as well as a secret space to hide files, video compression, and battery charging animation.

Cleanup cleaner

Cleanup works locally on your iPhone, so you don’t need an internet connection to use it. On the downside, the app shows long unskippable ads if you try to use its free version.


  • Cleans everything, from photos to emails
  • Works offline


  • Long, unskippable ads
  • Expensive

Technical details

  1. Price: $5.99 a week, $29.99 lifetime
  2. Supported systems: iOS
  3. Features: Photo, video, email, and contacts cleanup, video compression
  4. Availability: App Store
  5. Latest version: 4.7

Boost Cleaner: Organize photos, videos, contacts, and calendar

If you want to clean up photos, videos, and contacts at once, make sure to consider Boost Cleaner. This is a fast and lightweight app that lets you delete duplicate photos, get rid of large videos, and merge and back up contacts in seconds.

The power of Boost Cleaner, however, is in the details. For example, you can analyze your photos by specific location or date, filter contacts by company name, or filter videos by size. This makes it easy to make precise cleanups of your photo and video library or contacts.

Boost Cleaner

Bonus features include video compression, network speed test, and battery charging animation.


  • Fast and intuitive interface


  • Display ads
  • Expensive subscriptions

Technical details

  1. Price: $4.99 a week, $39.99 a year
  2. Supported systems: iOS, iPadOS
  3. Features: Remove duplicate videos and photos, merge contacts, organize calendar
  4. Availability: Setapp, App Store
  5. Latest version: 4.2

Declutter your Mac too with CleanMyMac X

Now that your phone is free of duplicate photos, videos, and contacts, why not switch your attention to Mac and do the same?

CleanMyMac X is a best-in-class optimization app for Mac that helps you get rid of junk, delete apps, scan for malware, check privacy settings, and much more. The app is intuitive and all scans can be performed in one click. Try it out.

optimization app for Mac and connected iPhone

How to pick the right iPhone cleaner for you

As you can see, there are plenty of apps that can free up storage on your iPhone by removing unneeded photos and videos, and merging duplicate contacts. Feel free to try them all and see what works for you. If you ask us, CleanMy®Phone is probably the best option out there. Plus, add CleanMyMac X for your Mac.

Both CleanMy®Phone and CleanMyMac X are available to you for free during the seven-day trial of Setapp. Setapp is a platform of more than 240 Mac and iOS apps for any use case you can imagine, from photo editing to web development and clipboard extensions. Download all Setapp apps today at no cost and pick your new favorites!

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