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Top 17 Mac Apps For Frequent Travelers
You travel app toolkit should be full of apps that take care of every hurdle on the way to complete relaxation. Read on to get the best ideas on how to use business-friendly travel apps on your Mac.
How to use hidden, time-saving macOS multi-touch gestures
No matter what you think of the keyboards on Apple's laptops, their huge, luxurious, Multi-Touch, Force Touch trackpads can't be beat. And macOS includes tons of handy trackpad gestures that you might not be using already.
Organize your content with Movie Explorer Pro
Movie Explorer Pro is a small tool that completely changes your viewing experience. Search your Mac, collect files, create movie collections, filter and share – it’s basically your own Movie World. Only without Warner Bros.
What's the best cloud storage app right now?
Compare the best сloud storage and file sharing services to improve your workflow.
Best Ways to Save Money on Software
Software and apps are an essential part of modern life. Not only do we share our lives through social networks — we plan our time, we meet people, we budget our money, and do a million other things through the convenience of our smartphones.
How to Schedule Meetings Across Different Time Zones on Mac
The wonder that is the internet has made it possible to work with anyone from anywhere in the world. If you’re a freelancer or a business without a dependence on locality, this is great — it means you can be based in the US and work with clients in the UK or Australia in exactly the same way you would if they were based in the same city.
How to use snipping tools on Mac
Screenshots have become so ubiquitous nowadays that we don’t give them too much thought anymore. Yet every day we use them to show, explain, and communicate. Whether it’s sending an image of a software bug to customer support, a quick how-to GIF to a colleague, or a heartfelt joke a loved one, screenshots help us enrich and liven up our daily communication patterns.
CleanShot: No-clutter screen capturing
CleanShot customizes everything you capture, allowing you to make use of screenshots on the spot. Take a screenshot without any desktop icons in the background, add your own touch, and choose where it goes.
How to copy text from a picture
Sometimes you just need to copy text from an image. Maybe you want to grab a phrase from a screenshot, drop-down menu, error message, or pop-up window that doesn’t allow text selections. There are a few ways you can copy the text from images.
How to write better content with ProWritingAid
A professional grammar checker software and vocabulary enhancement tool rolled into one, ProWritingAid is the app that looks deeply into your writing to make it spotless.