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An app a day keeps the…
While some apps come around at just the right time, others are built for use at all hours of the day. Use these unobtrusive apps to shave off seconds, minutes, and even hours of procrastination.
Best alternatives to your default apps on Mac
You Mac is smart, but there’s always a way to make it smarter. Change default application, replacing them with more cutting-edge alternatives and see how your casual Mac environment evolves into an incredible space for productive work.
All-embracing content management
Meet AnyTrans, an app that handles all of your data transferring needs. Literally, all of them. No matter where your precious content is stored – iPhone, iPad, or iCloud drives – AnyTrans reaches into every corner.
How to Schedule Meetings Across Different Time Zones on Mac
The wonder that is the internet has made it possible to work with anyone from anywhere in the world. If you’re a freelancer or a business without a dependence on locality, this is great — it means you can be based in the US and work with clients in the UK or Australia in exactly the same way you would if they were based in the same city.
CleanShot: No-clutter screen capturing
CleanShot customizes everything you capture, allowing you to make use of screenshots on the spot. Take a screenshot without any desktop icons in the background, add your own touch, and choose where it goes.
How to copy text from a picture
Sometimes you just need to copy text from an image. Maybe you want to grab a phrase from a screenshot, drop-down menu, error message, or pop-up window that doesn’t allow text selections. There are a few ways you can copy the text from images.
Force Quit: Is There a Ctrl+Alt+Delete Function for Mac?
If you’ve recently switched to Mac from Windows, you’ll no doubt have wondered if there’s a Ctrl+Alt+Del equivalent for Mac. The answer is yes. And no. There’s no exact keyboard shortcut that performs the same task as Ctrl+Alt+Delete does on Windows, but you can achieve the same results on Mac, using different commands.
Complete guide to Cut, Copy and Paste on a Mac
This guide teaches you how to use Mac clipboard to cut, copy, and paste files on your Mac computer.
Rearrange, add, and remove menu bar items with ease
Without a doubt, the menu bar is one of Mac’s great features. It’s condensed, easy to tap into on the fly, and displays much-needed information in real time. But, with every new icon app added, things become a little more cluttered and usability takes another hit. Fortunately, it’s possible to edit the menu bar to rearrange and remove icons so that it’s able to suit your needs at any given moment. Read on for the best ways to make the menu bar on Mac truly yours.
How to access hidden files on a Mac
When you look at your desktop, or inside any folder for that matter, on your Mac you’ll see a number (one that will vary depending on how well-organized you are) of file and folder icons. What all of us have in common, however, is a huge range of system files that are hidden just out of view.