How to download Reddit videos on Mac

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Without doubt, Reddit is a treasure trove of content on the web today. Practically any topic you might be interested in already has a thriving, global community on Reddit, from personal finance to makeup tutorials, or even just an unlimited amount of funny memes and videos. 

Due to the speed with which Reddit updates itself, it might sometimes be difficult to find certain content the second time — it gets lost in the sea of updates, especially since every post gets continuously upvoted or downvoted.

So when you see a particularly interesting Reddit video that you want to come back to, your best bet is to download it right away to your Mac. This way you can store the best of the best of Reddit videos in an environment you can control and actually save yourself lots of time and data, if you ever want to watch these videos on the go. 

Let’s see what are your options today to download video from Reddit, which Reddit video downloaders you should use, and how to do it. 

The best Reddit video downloaders in 2021

When you see a video on Reddit, it could either be a direct Reddit-uploaded video or an embedded one (from YouTube or another video website). In both cases, there’s unfortunately no native way to save that video to your Mac. There’s no Reddit video download button that could help out. Which means you have to rely on third-party Reddit video downloaders to get the job done. 

Don’t worry, there are lots of options, both on Mac and on the web, that can convert Reddit to MP4 and keep the highest quality of video and audio at the same time. For most of them, all you need to do is simply provide a Reddit link. Here are our top five apps you should use. 

Elmedia Player

Hands down, our favorite video player option for flexibility, power, and ease of use is Elmedia Player. 

Elmedia Player is both a video player and video streaming app — it really excels at everything. As a player, it supports a near unlimited number of video and audio formats, from MP4 to MP3 to AVI, MOV, MKV, and more. As a streaming app, you can use direct links from YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion, and it will play them instantly with no ads. 

Here’s how to play Reddit videos taken from YouTube in Elmedia Player: 

  1. Launch Elmedia Player
  2. Go to File ➙ Open Online Video (⌘ + U)
  3. Paste in the YouTube link
  4. Select the resolution (e.g. 1080)
  5. Click Open 

    elmedia player video mac

Since most Reddit videos are taken from YouTube, watching them with Elmedia Player is even better than online. The renewed app design is blazing fast and native to Apple’s M1 chip. You can extract audio from any video file (great for video podcasts), and you can even stream videos via AirPlay. Why choose any other video player? 


If you come across a native Reddit video that you want to save offline, you need an actual Reddit video downloader with sound settings, such as SnapDownloader.

SnapDownloader is a single-purpose Windows and macOS app that simply downloads Reddit videos in MP4 format, which you can also convert to MP3 for audio-only listening.

Besides Reddit, SnapDownloader supports hundreds of other popular websites and can download videos in any quality. You can also download multiple videos at once or even schedule downloads for the future.

Here’s how to download videos from Reddit with SnapDownloader: 

  1. Launch SnapDownloader
  2. Paste the link to your Reddit video of choice into the search bar
  3. Select whether you want video or audio, pick the format and the quality of your download
  4. Optionally select to trim the video or schedule it in advance (good to use when you download a lot of content)
  5. Click Download 

    snapdownloader download reddit videos mac


Not all Reddit video downloaders require you to get a Mac app. If you only need to save videos offline once in a while, an online service like Redv might do just fine. 

Redv is one of the easiest online solutions to download Reddit videos. It can be accessed from any device just by going to Don’t expect a full-featured web app though. Redv simply does what it says — giving you the ability to download videos from Reddit but without any advanced features. You can’t adjust the quality of the video, for example, or trim its length, or convert into audio right away.

To save Reddit video downloads with Redv: 

  1. Visit
  2. Paste in the Reddit video link and press Return
  3. Right-click on the video and select Download Video (it will be saved in your Downloads folder by default) 

    redv download reddit videos

Tip: Another way to download video from Reddit with Redv is to add “dl” directly after “reddit” in the URL.


Those who want a powerful set-it-and-forget it Reddit video downloader that also works with other websites would be very happy with Downie. 

Downie is a no-nonsense video downloader that works with over 1,200 websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Reddit, of course. Its straightforward, unassuming design is easy to use — just paste the link right into the app and it will start the download. You can preset all the settings you need beforehand and also select the video format (or audio) and resolution for every video. 

To use this Reddit video downloader with sound: 

  1. Launch Downie
  2. Paste the Reddit link right into the app
  3. Select the format and resolution using the dropdown menus in the middle
  4. Click the Start icon 

    downie reddit download mac


Some frequent problems when you deal with videos are them being in a format your video player can’t read or weighing too much to be easily shared with others. These are the occasions when you can greatly benefit from Permute. 

Permute is the most flexible media converter out there, supporting conversions for hundreds of formats across video, audio and imagery. Basically, Permute can convert anything into anything. Even better, you can preconfigure every conversion with settings that fit your needs specifically (e.g. choose video quality). 

In addition, Permute has lots of extra useful features, such as being able to crop and trim videos, adding subtitles, merging two videos into one, and so on. 

To convert any downloaded Reddit video with Permute: 

  1. Launch Permute
  2. Drag and drop your video onto the app
  3. Use the dropdown to select the video format. Use the gear icon to adjust any extra settings. 
  4. Click the Start icon to convert the video 

    permute convert video mac

As you can see, it’s a good idea to download video from Reddit, either to be able to watch them offline or to archive them for posterity and share them with your friends. To have a complete toolkit that would allow you to do that you need three apps: Downie to actually download the videos, Permute to convert and change them in any way you see fit, and Elmedia Player to watch them seamlessly.

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