How to Plan a Trip

Planning a trip shouldn't be a daunting affair that adds one more bullet to your stress list. But with so many things to consider, from the choice of destination, to budget management, accommodations, routes, transport, weather and the daily business back home, it can easily become a nightmare.

However, fear not, fellow traveler! Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, we have just the release for your planning aches, with the help of Setapp, that curates the best apps to tick everything for your trip, right from the sweet spot in front of your Mac! It's a great way to increase your productivity and save time, without having to waste precious moments in a trial-and-error app search. So here it is: trip planning made ridiculously easy!

Choose the road you should hit

There are countless destinations that ooze wanderlust, so don't be surprised if you find yourself stuck and unable to make a decision. Luckily, as for almost everything else nowadays, there's a solution just a few clicks away.

To narrow down your options, start by thinking about what you want to experience in terms of activities. Do you want a culturally infused trip, filled with museums and attractions or are you longing for a chill getaway? By answering this question you will, in just moments, trim down your options. Sure, you're not quite there yet, but adding fun in the selection process will make it all easier. Now, if you also consider how much you'd like to spend on your holiday, you'll cut down a few more destinations from your list. Think about also talking with friends or acquaintances and hear their recommendations.

To help you put all your thoughts in a way that's easier to visualize and ultimately, bring you to your decision, Setapp offers iThoughtsX, a mapping app that allows you to transform thoughts into images. With iThoughtsX it will be easy to create a simple to follow map of all your options, with pros and cons, giving you an overview of all the possibilities.

Once you've got all these on the table, it's time to trust your instinct. The travelers who have the best experiences always take research into consideration but also listen to their gut. Just do it!

Crunch down the budget

If you want to make the most of your trip, you need to make every minute count. And by that, we mean spend your money wisely. To find out exactly how much a destination costs and get an estimate about how much you should consider spending, check out the conversion rates and see how many zeros your trip budget has in the one of your choosing.

Of course, knowing how many pesos to take with you is just the end result of the deal. To figure out how much you can afford according to your salary and expenses, look back on your monthly spending and decide whether or not you want to go into your savings account. Don't venture for trips that require more money than you have. Sure, you should dream big and do everything to see those dreams come true, but keep your feet on solid ground. And if you really want to make that exotic trip happen, review your spending behavior to see where you could cut back to save a penny. Or several.

Find the best accommodations

Picking a hotel in an unfamiliar destination can be a gamble turned wrong. That's if you don't put in the proper research. Don't be scared by this big word. Research is just part of planning a trip and with the right advice and tools it can be fast and pleasant.

Finding the best accommodation can and should be a light and fun process, allowing you to anticipate how nice it's going to be to embrace the comfort of another country. Try checking websites like or TripAdvisor to get the best rates and deals for your check-in dates, tailored to your budget. Browse through hundreds of pictures and easily locate the accommodations on an intuitive map, with the possibility of also embedding your itinerary to fit your business travel or personal needs. Take your time to imagine yourself there and picture the view from your window. Are you smiling? Then you've found your accommodation. Book it!

Be one step ahead of the weather. Or 70 years for that matter.

You don't want any surprises when it comes down to the weather situation at your travel destination. After all, you need to pack smartly and be prepared for whatever might come. Do so, and your trip planning process it's going to worth its while! To get the most accurate and hyper-local live updated weather conditions we highly recommend Forecast Bar.

This modern app comes with some amazing features that enable you to check the conditions up to 70 years in the future! Who knows if you might not decide to prolong your stay and this could really come in handy. You can also go back and check the weather conditions to as much as 70 years back, constructing your own overview on how the weather might treat you in a certain period, be it summer or winter. What's more, the minute by minute breakdown will ensure you'll never be caught in the pouring rain. At least not without an umbrella or a sheltering plan. And with the daily weather reports, you'll be constantly updated of any changes.

Plan your route

There's great joy in anticipation. Actually, half of a trip's happiness comes from looking forward to it. That's why creating your trip route is not only efficient but beneficial to your wellbeing. To craft the itinerary of your dreams, check out the top attractions from your destination. Websites such as LonelyPlanet are a great window to foreign places, capturing their essence in a nutshell. We do suggest  asking locals for advice and including some less known places on your itinerary. Couchsurfing is a great site to connect with people from all over the world and most users will be delighted to offer you some insight into their cities and even meet with you! To note all the valuable information down in a way that will make sense to you, Setapp offers another great mind mapping app: XMind. With it you can map all the recommendations and ideas about the experiences you want to have abroad, clustered by proximity, type or any other way that makes sense to you.

For a more in-depth breakdown about how to map the perfect route, check out how to plan a journey route and discover what apps can Setapp curate to ease your process and a ton of other useful gimmicks.

Pack your luggage

Surely this has happened to you: just when you were too far from home to be able to make a quick turnaround, you remembered you forgot one crucial item. To ensure that doesn't happen again, get a little help with this charmingly efficient app: Merlin Project Express.

Merlin Project Express is a project management tool for the everyday hero. And when it comes to trips, it enables you to break down your luggage needs into tasks and order them in a structure that will make a lot of sense for your packing process. Each task can represent a necessary item or step to take in order to pack like a pro. And the "order" functionality will help you with the things you have to pack last minute. No more forgotten chargers or toothbrushes. They will all be neatly packet in your luggage, last minute. The app is customizable for your needs, as it even has an extremely useful and awesome Road Trip template that can make planning your trips as easy as it gets.

To the airport!

Having a close eye on your flight is always a great idea! You wouldn't want to miss your much awaited vacation. Make sure you carefully check your departure time and the time you should get at the airport in order to go through the security check and customs without rushing. Take into consideration the time of day (or night) you're departing and the traffic conditions at that hours. If you plan to take a taxi there, make sure to book it in advance. Also, extremely important for departures from big airports: check the terminal you're leaving from! You cannot afford to lose precious time moving across terminals.

Organize home while you travel

While we do encourage you to emerge in your journey completely and enjoy the diversity and new perspectives it offers, we know life back home cannot be put on pause. That's why Screens for Mac was invented. Or that's what we like to think, that they greatly emphasized with the wanderlust lovers and wanted to enable them to stay connected no matter where in the world they might find themselves.

Screens is an app that will help you access your files back home, with just a few clicks and a lot of customizable options. While you can't take home with you, you can definitely keep in touch with your tasks and the people who matter most by connecting remotely with multiple displays. Setapp will make sure you always have the latest Screens updated version, free of ads or distractions, so you can get back to enjoying your lovely trip fast.

Setapp also offers GoodTask, an app with powerful reminders about your pending tasks to boost productivity. It offers both simple checklists and complex project management solutions in a clean, simple and impactful interface.

Be the master of all timezones!

Travelling between time zones can get rather confusing. And while your jetlag problems might vanish in a few hours, you still need to stay anchored in the timed reality at your location and back home. Setapp clears the air with a simple and efficient app: World Clock Pro.

The digital clock enables you to enjoy every second of your lovely vacation days while knowing when to connect with people back home. Don't call them while you're having brunch in Aruba, because you might just wake them up at 3 o'clock in the night! Select your locations and time zones with World Clock Pro and make sure you pleasantly surprise your loved ones back home.

Don't get lost in translations!

Even if English has become the go-to la language for travel, there are still a lot of countries in which (don't act so surprised) English is not widely spoken. And even if it is, a big part of understanding a new culture comes from swirling your tongue to pronounce its language and feel how harmoniously the words mingle together. You can learn a lot about people through the phonetics of the language they speak every day.

Setapp offers you an app that will help you understand and make yourself understood every step of the way: Mate Translate. With Mate, you will instantly know if that nice local recommended you turn "left" or "right". With 100 available languages, it guarantees you will never get lost in translation. On the contrary. It will make it easier for you to communicate with locals, find out valuable info and get a taste for the local flavor of language.

Start a travel journal

Every trip has the potential of opening up new perspectives culturally, personally and even career wise. Whether you simply want to remember the good times or you have a more complex project regarding your travel adventures, keeping a diary might prove to be an enriching experience.

Alternote is an app that allows you to make notes, collect info and write down ideas, feelings and sweet memories. The app was created with a simple thought in mind, that every experience can be remembered by a feeling. And the more you remember, the happier you can be. Because trips can get pretty busy, the app comes with a distraction-free interface that helps you create a habit out of writing your impressions down.  The app is highly customizable and supported by robust research at every step. It allows you to use selective sync and makes sure your notes are kept in perfect safety.

Organize and enhance your travel pictures

We're certain you'll find a lot of photo opportunities during your trip. In fact, you'll find so many picture-worthy places that you might end up with thousands of them. Sort your photos out with Pixa, for an easier way to find and share them. Supporting all the image formats you might need (from psd, ai, svg, jpg, png, tiff, pdf, bmp, gif, ico and many more), Pixa makes organising easier by auto tagging useful information such as extensions and medatada and keeping pictures in Live Folders, without moving them from their original location. Now you'll have all the resources to keep your memories structured and easy-to-access, at the highest quality available, with just a few clicks.

Another great resource for your travel photos (and not only) is the simple yet powerful photo editor - Polarr. It is not an overstatement to say that it will make your pictures like the ones snapped by professionals. With an interface created for both beginners and experienced photographers, Polarr offers instant filters, sophisticated masking and local adjustments in the simplest way possible, with the help of complete features.

Post on your blog

Travelling exposes you to so many new perspectives and experiences that even if you don't run a travel blog, you'll want to make room for a trip related story on your platform. So when you find that perfect angle, make sure you're able to upload it fast with Blogo.

Created for the fast-paced 21st century individual, Blogo transforms the publishing process by simplifying it with enjoyable, yet powerful features. Ideas are hard to come by as it is, so why should blogging add to the ache? Instead, Blogo throws away the fluff, allowing you to publish with just a few clicks. But fast doesn't mean you'll have to give up rich texts or layouts. It means you'll have a portable writing studio, with real, live preview and highly customizable. With Blogo, you can easily add content from YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Dropbox and any other service or app.

So when inspiration hits you out of the blue, don't be taken by surprise. With Blogo you can go from idea to publishing in moments, even offline.

So there you have it, the tips and tricks and apps to make your travel planning as easy as possible. All the above apps work wonders on their own. But under the umbrella of Setapp, they have the power of easing your life even more! The subscription service for Mac comes at the price of a transfer from the airport to your hotel. What it offers in exchange is convenience and flexibility, with no-in app purchases or ads. That means saving a ton of money, as opposed to purchasing all the above apps individually. What's more, you don't want to lose time on your vacation watching commercials. Now, more than ever, every second counts and you should make the best of it!

So before heading anywhere, unlock the power of planning your trip with these amazing apps neatly organized in categories. Setapp eliminates the need of managing dozens of passwords or payments, curating the best apps for you to have the trip of your life. It's simple, effective and fun, just like your vacation should be!

If you want to make planning a trip as fun as the trip itself, we recommend creating a Setapp account and installing the service. You won't regret it! It will really transform your trips!

Now, where to?