Setapp launches the ultimate remote work toolkit

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Here at Setapp we like to help you tackle tasks in the most efficient way possible. That’s why we curate our app stack very carefully — to select just the right tools for the tasks you face. We want to help you keep all of your focus on the tasks at hand, while we take care of the apps.

With telecommuting becoming more and more popular, we’ve decided to create a kit that would be a seamless solution for remote work.

What is the Remote Work Pack?

Our Remote Work Pack is a collection of apps to make working remotely an easy, fun, and efficient experience. This collection of tools was hand-selected for the tasks you encounter when working with a remote team.

What are Collections?

Collections are ready-to-use selections of apps to tackle specific tasks. Our team created curated Collections of apps that take you from zero to a completed task quicker, more efficiently, and with much less stress. Just select the task and all the apps are in the kit, no need to search and try out numerous apps — get straight to doing.

Collections on Setapp address some of the most common challenges and tasks Mac users encounter, like browsing security, organizing files and folders, writing, working faster, and much more.

Collections come without any additional charges to the existing users and live in the Collections tab in the Setapp app:

Remote work pack

Inside the Remote Work Pack

Finally, let’s get to the best part — take a peek at what’s inside the pack. Everything you need for effective and hassle-free remote work is here, take a look:


serenity app

Serenity is a muter for notifications. Noise pollution is no joke and muting some or all of the sounds you get on your Mac can be a bliss.


Wait, what did you just say? Backtrack allows you to literally backtrack your Mac audio if you realize you needed something recorded after the fact.

Backtrack on a Mac


sip app

Sip is a handy color picker for you to save, manage, and share colors with teammates without having to wreck your brain on how to get a hex color code or which color picker to use.


Sending over a neat archive instead of a collection of assorted files is just good business. Unzip and archive files in more than 30 formats with BetterZip app.


Yoink app

Yoink is a drag and drop utility for your Mac — simply drag everything you need onto the Yoink pile on the left of your screen and then drop any of the items exactly when and where you need them.


Bartender app

This comprehensive menu bar organizer will help you organize, search, and tidy up icons. Prioritize by keeping some of the icons always visible, some hidden until prompted, and the rest — always hidden.


filepane app

Filepane is a file management solution to help you drop file, folder, text, or image and perform quick actions with it through the app: convert, share, archive, copy, move, open in Finder, send to Bin, and much more quick actions.


ToothFairy is a Bluetooth assistant that helps you connect, disconnect, and switch devices quickly and hassle-free.


Paste app

This clipboard manager is an invaluable helper if you do a lot of research and want to manage information in various formats efficiently. With Paste, you won’t lose a thing.


Gifox app

Create, edit, and compress GIFs of your screen with Gifox. This flexible GIF maker is the perfect solution for capturing any flow on your screen.


Meeter app

Meeter is a meeting aggregator that fetches meet links from your calendars and allows you to join instantly from your menu bar. No need to scour your inbox for meeting links ever again!

Be Focused

Be Focused app

This productivity timer will help you distribute your time in the most efficient manner possible. Be Focused is perfect for managing your tasks and tracking the time it takes you to complete them.

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