Enhance file management with Finder alternatives

Finder is a place to start for every Mac. It has all you need, except for some extra features. One may think they are unnecessary, but it will be hard to refuse them if you try. 

Setapp for Teams, a collection of 200+ apps for you and your team, helps you find your best file manager for Mac. Let’s see what we have here.

ForkLift – perfect Mac file explorer for Finder lovers

ForkLift is like Finder, but much better. Its extended functionality allows connecting to several servers at a time and uploading files from there. You can also rename a few files at once, access your favorites in a flash, rename many selected files with one action, and all that in a stunning interface that has a Night mode.

Path Finder – a Ferrari in file management

Path Finder, another file manager for Mac, was made to offer a brand new way of file managing. With such features as Dropbox integration, easy file arrangement, a dual-pane panel with instant copying, convenient file navigation, and access to hidden files, Path Finder becomes an all-time favorite of many Mac lovers.

Store notes, files, and clips in Unclutter

Unclutter is created to store notes, pasteboard clips, and files. It makes your messy desktop look shiny. Drag files to the top of the screen and drop them there to get back to them later. Store there whatever you want and browse clipboard history to access files you search. Use sticky notes to never forget what’s important. Unclutter is a magical three-in-one time-saver.

Drag and drop with FilePane

FilePane reveals the power of file management with a drag-and-drop feature, simple interface, and easy workflow optimization. This Mac file explorer can help you do whatever you want with your files: edit and customize, zip and print, convert multiple files into PDF, count words in texts, save images from other apps in a click, create folders and documents exactly where you need them, and many more nice features. Perfect!

Share files with Dropshare

Dropshare is one of the most flexible sharing tools for Mac one ever met. Upload any kind of file or other info to your fav hosting provider and share it. Make screenshots and annotate them, share them in no time, or record your screen. Create stunning landing pages, design them the way you like, and have all your uploads in your pocket with easy on-the-go access to all your files.

Manage your Mac life in Commander One

Commander One is a macOS file explorer every Mac user is dreaming of. Its dual panel is a real lifesaver – it allows managing all your files smartly and efficiently. You can get to all your cloud and network servers from one place, use the detailed advanced search, and simplify your work routine by setting up your own hotkeys for every action. All that makes Commander One a worthy alternative to Finder.

All-in-one dual-pane DCommander

That is another dual-pane manager with many nice advanced features, like renaming many files at once or creating empty files at location. Make your own interface style, transfer data to servers, use the advanced recursive search, browse archives, view and edit files in a sec. Get this all-in-one solution to improve your daily work.

Easy files renaming with Renamer

Renaming files has never been easier! Handle the most complex challenges on renaming tasks with chains, get full control on renaming files using CSV spreadsheets, choose Dark mode to avoid eye strain, and get started quickly with built-in Renamerlets. Only drag, drop, and click to rename thousands of files. So easy and so essential.

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