Finding managing software teams need is often a challenge. The main thing is that all team members meet different challenges in their work routine, and good team task tracking software must meet everyone’s needs. Designers long for task trackers that are user-friendly, offer mind mapping features for daily brainstorming, attaching different files, and linking all they need to other apps they use on Mac. Managers long their task tracker sync within Mac and iOS devices, notify on project deadlines and do simple accounting. Developers might prefer them to be neat, easy-to-use, and minimalistic for linking tasks, sharing them with colleagues, and attaching all files. 

Even if you find one of the most fantastic team task management tools on the web, what will your teammates say? How will an app satisfy their working needs? Well, you’ll never know until you try. That is the main point why we decided to describe the main features of the group task management software we have in Setapp for Teams.

Make your team task management smarter with 2Do 

Easy to use and incredibly powerful, 2Do app is built to work around you, not the other way around. Its calendar is a piece of art: it allows filtering, batching deferrals, and more, all from a single place. Every pixel turned to good use. Drag and drop to perform quick actions and enjoy the Quick entry feature even when the app isn’t currently running. 

Elaborate tasks by adding URLs, Google searches, emails, and anything. You can even make calls with 2Do. The New Utility panel looks fantastic with its tags and calendar events view, and the advanced search is extremely comfy thanks to the new complex search builder. Personalize your search query to make it as smart as you can. Create lists of tasks, group them, tag them, sort them out to organize your team task management system the way you want. 

All in all, 2Do is both the perfect task manager and your right hand, user-friendly smart to-do-list and a fully functional complex instrument with a bunch of advanced features for personalization. It’s aimed to help you get faster, more flexible, and on top of your daily priorities. Highly recommended for product managers, project managers, tech leads, CEOs, and all team leads.


Timing, a team task management tool for time tracking

Timing is what your team needs to record working time and be aware of how much of it they spend on any task. This team task tracking software makes smart suggestions and lets you know how productive you are. Its smart timeline shows you what you were busy with at the exact period of time – what app you used, what doc you were editing, or what website you were browsing through. See how long you didn’t use your Mac, go through the lists, and assign everything to specific projects.

You won’t need to manually enter any data – no muss, no fuss. The straightforward interface lets you see what you’ve done, categorized by periods, projects, or hours. Really helpful, especially when team members all work remotely, and it’s sometimes hard for everyone to control their personal and team productivity.

See the calendar events in the app timeline and see what you wanted to do and what you managed to do. Invite your teammates and share your projects with them, it’s totally safe and private. Get a bird’s eye view of personal productivity in colorful and informative dashboards. Stay focused on work wherever you are.

Taskheat, a team task management software of your dream

Improve your daily routine with Taskheat, an outstanding team task tracker for Mac and iOS devices. There you can sort and arrange tasks both as a list and a flow-chart to have a deeper view of what’s on the agenda today. Make the dependencies between your tasks not to tie yourself up in knots and know what should be done first. 

Get the tiniest details and never forget anything by tagging your tasks with colors for easier browsing and reminders on the task’s deadline. Taskheat is excellent for teamwork too. You can assign any of your tasks to any of your teammates who can solve them, and it won’t interfere with your current challenges. 

Connections work great not only among people but also among your tasks. That means you can link your assignments together, and Taskheat will automatically show you where it’s better to start from. This way, you’ll get your work routine right and can manage even complex challenges with ease. 

Taskheat is managing software teams need, and it best suits managers and all team members (designers, developers, writers, PR, and marketers)

Get it done with GoodTask, a simple team task management app

Your team productivity may boost quickly with GoodTask, a team task software for your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. With features added top on iOS Reminders and Calendars, you risk becoming a real productivity Ninja. It doesn’t matter if you need a reminder to buy milk after work or show a quarterly report to your stakeholders, GoodTask is a gem. See what should be done in Today Widget or Apple Watch, manage daily events, and create additional activities for every task. 

A user-friendly interface and smart notifications via iOS reminders and Calendar won’t let you miss anything. Check what’s on your radar today or the day after, or the next month. Plan your activities with ease by having all the info in full view. 

Smart lists are something. They allow filtering activities the way you want. Find tasks via tags or exclude tags at all, see what you have for today or what’s overdue – whatever you decide. Combine tasks in different calendars or lists, for instance, if you need to combine your personal and work activities. Use Quick Actions to add tasks in a flash and set text snippets to create tasks while you’re typing. 

This simple online task manager for teams works for everyone who needs sync between all their Mac and iOS devices and often manages tasks on the go: product designers, marketing managers, developers.

Pagico, one team task tracking software for everything

Here’s the all-in-one simple team task management that is nice for personal needs as well. It shows you the current status of all your tasks and projects in a smart and intuitive interface and allows managing tasks, files, lists to plan everything ahead. Have a birds-eye view of all your activities, stay on top of your priorities, and meet deadlines. Pagico is made not to feel stressed when a workday is over – why, if you coped with everything you planned? 

Drag-and-drop to reschedule tasks or shift deadlines to reprioritize what’s scheduled. Plan beforehand and review to keep on course. Also, you can neatly organize and tag your projects to always have them at hand. A flawless Pagico browser is made for easily finding by tags whatever you need in a sec. Even multiple levels of tags can’t stop you from a fast result. 

By the way, crosslinks are magnificent. Connect tasks and attach ‘buy some bread’ to ‘the grocery store list’ or ‘find hotels’ to your next vacation in Bangladesh. All inbound notes and links are kept in one place where you see them and won’t miss anything. 

Smart collections are another breaking feature: it allows finding tasks by a specific characteristic (tag or keyword) and group them together. Weblinks are as essential and can simply become actions if you see some of them are associated with work. Try Pagico browser (it’s an extension) to turn a webpage into a task.

You can work offline or in the Cloud to sync your data among all your Mac and iOS devices, and create a team workplace so that your teammates could access some of your tasks. This is one of the best team task management tools that we recommend to all team members working with complex team projects.

Boost productivity with TaskPaper for task management in teams and personal activity

 This simple to-do list is exceptionally easy-to-use and comfy. Plain texts can be equally helpful as multitasking complex task management tools. And here’s why:

  • you can type into this team task software all kind of info and have each line formatted into a project;

  • TaskPaper files can be edited in other apps and efficiently managed and edited;

  • you can filter out what you’ve planned and save your searches for the future;

  • no colors, reminders, or flickering gifs. TaskPaper is a back-to-the-basics app that will not distract you from what’s essential.

Highly recommended for simple daily tasks to managers, designers, developers, writers, accountants, and everyone in a team, both for personal and group projects.

Organize your day, next week or month with SheetPlanner for task management in teams

SheetPlanner, a teamwork task management tool, is always at hand on your Mac to help you organize your projects and plan your schedule. Get things done efficiently, even when working on long-range tasks. Plan and visualize your next goals, filter by days, weeks, and months to be always on top of your priorities.

Organize your assignments with Outliner to provide structure and categorize them. Track the progress and additional data, apply custom styles and symbols, texts, and format to specify columns, filter what's visible with Smart Filters, zoom in on specific rows, link rows to external files and websites.

SheetPlanner is perfect for task management for small teams. See for yourself: you can plan and visualize rows with start and finish dates on the Timeline. Change the Timeline scope to get a high-level view of your project over the years or zoom in to weeks or even days for more precision. See each task’s progress in the Timeline bar, customize their colors, preview and print the PDF of the Timeline to share with others, etc.

Use filters and focus on what’s important, due today, tomorrow, or whatever criteria you select. View filtered tasks in the outline, timeline, month, and yearly calendar. Check items off as they are completed in the Outline, Timeline, Month, or Year views. Stay focused by hiding completed items.  

SheetPlanner is an outstanding online task manager for teams who prefer advanced features:

  • multiple sheets in a single document;

  • organize sheets into a folder using the sidebar;

  • use Tabs to view numerous sheets;

  • import and export to Numbers and Excel.

We recommend it to accountants, chief accountants, and all team managers dealing with budgets and sheets on a daily basis.

Full freedom of task management for small teams with Merlin Project Express

Merlin Project Express is a team task tracker of your dream, as it’s the most intuitive and user-friendly tool you and your team have ever seen. It’s perfect for managing both personal and business tasks.  

A good team task tracker is not easy to find. Fortunately, Merlin is exactly such an app. You’ll need just a couple of minutes to create a project plan with a bird’s eye view of all steps. Make your plan as detailed as you need by defining the tasks, arranging lists, setting milestones, etc.

This teamwork task management tool integrates with other apps and lets you import teammates, files, and other resources into your project. Drag and drop someone’s contact from the address book on Mac into your project, and this person will be available there as a resource. Set the budget or hourly rates if you need to calculate the project’s costs or particular steps. Recommended to team leads, all team managers, and everyone working with finances and team budgets


Group task management software differs so much that it depends on any specific team what to choose. Keep in mind how many teammates who specialize in design, writing, development, or accounting you have in your team. That will help you understand if they need something simple and neat or something for complex tasks.

No matter what app for tracking and planning you will choose, we have it in Setapp for Teams, a 200+ suite of powerful apps for any work task. At the price of one subscription, you can access all the tools and choose more than one task tracker. Try a few and decide which will make your work life more comfortable. We have a 2-week trial that is free and doesn’t require your credit card details. Try it now!