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How To Record A FaceTime Call On iPhone & Mac
November 25, 2020
There are so many tools available to connect us to anyone all over the world, both in our personal and work lives. For nearly 10 years, however, there’s been one app always in the top for iOS and macOS users — FaceTime. Let’s see why FaceTime is better than many alternatives and explore how to record FaceTime calls both on Macs and iPhones.
How To Fix “There Was An Error Connecting To The Apple ID Server”
November 13, 2020
​It’s truly amazing how stable and bug-free Macs are in daily life, especially compared to Windows-based computers. Nearly everything you normally want to do gets done so smoothly that you start to take this miracle of engineering for granted. There are, however, rare occasions when macOS gives you some sort of an error. Most of them are quite descriptive and easy to resolve immediately.