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Gmail Signature: How to Create, Change and Edit Email Signature

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An email signature line helps recipients know who you are, what you’re representing, and can be customized with vital information that is useful for others.

As the most popular email service provider, it’s important to undertand how your Gmail signature works. You have several options for editing and creating your own Gmail signature for all outgoing emails.

Here, we’ll discuss how to add signature to Gmail, how to change email signature in Gmail, how to insert signature in Gmail, and discuss some apps that may suit you better than Google’s default Gmail app and website.

Why is it important to have a signature in Gmail?

All email has an option for a signature line for sent email. It’s a closing salutation that can convey a simple sign-off or provide more context. Many business emails have signature lines that serve as disclaimers for information shared with outside sources, so all parties know not to share those emails widely.

You likely don’t need that level of protection for email, but you should have a Gmail signature line. It can be a simple goodbye, a quick thank you note, or just your name. This is especially handy if your Gmail email signature is your name – and your gmail address has nothing to do with your personal identity.

How to add a signature in Gmail

If you don’t already have one, you’re likely curious how to make a signature in Gmail. Here’s how to create an email signature in Gmail:

  1. Log onto Gmail online (mail.google.com)
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the Gmail screen
  3. Select “See all settings”
  4. Scroll down until you see “Signature” under the “General” tab
  5. Select “Create new”
  6. Name your signature, and select “Create”
  7. Add your email signature in the text entry field
  8. When finished, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the “Save Changes” button

gmail add signature

Gmail may be the most widely used email service around, but it’s far from the most secure. With so many hacks popping up, data security is on the minds of many, and there’s just no better way to protect your email than with Canary Mail.

Canary Mail has a sharp, intuitive interface that allows you to focus on sending email securely. It works with Gmail and all other popular email providers, but adds a layer of native security those providers don’t even attempt. You can select automatic or manual encryption for your email, adding a layer of end to end encryption rivals can’t approach.

The automatic key exchange handles the heavy lift for you, letting you focus on emailing without concerns your messages are being intercepted. Those who require more control over their security can opt for the manual encryption program, which allows PGP users to manage encryption keys themselves.

Those who send a lot of emails may find their inbox and conversations get unruly. This is especially true if you’re emailing multiple people – how often have emails slipped by you leaving others asking if you received it at all?

That’s when you need Unibox.

Unibox is a native email client for your Mac that focuses on people rather than email addresses. Instead of filtering by address, it puts contacts first, so you can quickly track emails sent and received with people rather than addresses. Each contract is displayed in the left side of the app window, with conversations on the right. Contacts are listed by recency; your most recent conversations are listed up top, and the list of chats on the right side of the screen focuses on the most recent interactions.

Naturally, Unibox works with all popular email providers, including Gmail. One feature you’ll really fall for is the compose window, which is in the main app window. No more chasing down new windows just to compose an email!

Change your Gmail signature on an iPhone or iPad

Now that you know how to create custom email signature Gmail automatically provides, you may be wondering how to edit signature in Gmail. If you’re on the web, the steps listed above can be used for editing as well – but what about mobile?

Discovering how to change my signature in Gmail for iOS and iPadOS wasn’t as simple as the web, but here’s how it’s done:

  1. Open the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Select the three-dot menu icon at the top left of the screen
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Select your email address at the top of the next window
  5. Select “Signature settings”
  6. Enter or edit your signature

gmail change signature iphone ipad

Keep in mind changes made in mobile apply only to mobile; if you want to edit your mail Gmail signature, it must be done on the web.

How to insert an image in a Gmail signature?

You can add all the text you like in a Gmail signature, but we all know a picture can sometimes say more than words ever could. It’s a great way to convey a unique mood or message to anyone you like.

One feature people don’t take advantage of enough with Gmail signatures is the ability to have multiple signatures. You can add as many as you like, and each can be customized. Adding images to specific signatures is a great way to add inside jokes with certain people; when you send them an email, just choose the correct email signature, and they’ll get the signature line you created for them.

Here's how to add images to a Gmail signature:

  1. Open Gmail in your web browser of choice
  2. Select the gear icon on the top left corner of the window
  3. Select “See all settings”
  4. Scroll down until you see “Signature” under the “General” tab
  5. In the signature you’d like to add an image to, choose the images icon
  6. Find the image you’d like to add, and click “Select” (Note: You can select and image from your Drive folder, upload from your computer, or add an image from the web if you have that image’s URL. Keep in mind you will need the URL for the image itself.)
  7. When finished, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the “Save Changes” button

add image signature gmail

You can add an image to a previously created signature, or when your signature is created.

Common formatting issues

You may create a signature in Gmail and be underwhelmed. Here are some common formatting issues, and how to solve them.

  • Text size. If your signature is larger or smaller than you’d like, simply select the text size icon at the bottom of the signature composition window in Gmail to choose the size you like.
  • Font. Gmail may default to a font you dislike. If that’s your issue, just select the font picker at the bottom of the signature composition window to choose one that’s more suitable to you. Select all text and find the font you prefer.
  • It’s not flashy enough. You can also choose bold, underline, or italic font styling in the Gmail signature composition window. Just select the text you’d like styled and click away!
  • It’s not colourful enough. Your Gmail signature text can be as colourful as you like. Select the “A” icon at the bottom of the signature composition window to bring up a list of colors available for your Gmail signature.
  • It needs a link. The Gmail signature composition window has a familiar chain icon for adding links. Simply select the text you want hyperlinked, click the button, and add your link.
  • There’s a lot of info, and it’s messy. If you’re housing a lot of data in your email signature, try Gmail’s alignment features or numbered lists. It’ll help others keep track of vast amounts of data.
  • Other issues. Gmail signatures can be indented. You can also opt for a bulleted list, or a block-quote. Click the down-arrow icon for additional features.

formatting signature in gmail

Keep all of your messages in one app

Let’s keep in mind Gmail is only one method of communication. Chances are you’re using a few other services as well.

It can get tedious switching between apps just to have multiple conversations, so why bother? Get IM+.

IM+ is a sensational all in one chat app for your Mac. It’s native to your Mac, existing in its own environment so you don’t need several apps or browser tabs open. It works with all major chat services including Gmail, Slack, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Hangouts.

The app supports hotkey switching between services, a great keyboard shortcut to memorize if you’re bouncing between apps all day. You can also choose color tags for each chat service, and customize sounds and notifications for each service. 

im+ mac

IM+ supports GIFs, photo sharing, screenshots, and videos directly in chats and Gmail, too! It’s an amazing app for corralling all of your disparate chats right on your Mac.

Having a great Gmail signature is important. You can have friendly sign-off signatures, terse business-like signatures, or both!

One last bit of advice is to add multiple signature types. Your email conversations may be fairly jovial, but a serious conversation may not need a lighthearted send-off at the end. 

You may also want to go native rather than using the web, so give Canary Mail or Unibox a try. Both are incredible native Mac email clients. IM+ is one of the best Mac apps for having multiple conversations across various channels, which most of us do every day.

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