Upgrade Mac’s Mission Control

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Mission Control is one of those features that certainly explains why people love Apple. Giving you a bird’s-eye view of every open window and app, it literally expands the screen, no matter how small it is. The beautiful part of it is that you can enable Mission Control in a second — just swipe up with three fingers or double-tap the surface of your Magic Mouse. 

There’s one imperfection, though. While you can see your open windows in Mission Control, you can’t really manage them from there. This is where you’ll need Mission Control Plus. 

Mission Control Plus for easy windows management 

This small app enhances Apple’s native tool for viewing open windows. No reinventing the wheel, just adding a very useful functionality on top of the existing app. With Mission Control Plus, you can view open windows and instantly close the unneeded ones — the app adds the “X” button to Mission Control. What’s more, you can use quick shortcuts to close all windows, kill or hide applications. 

Organize your window from Mission Control

Stays quiet in the menu bar 

Mission Control Plus is almost as invisible as the native tool. While it adds a small icon to the menu bar, you don’t have to click on it to activate the feature. Simply enable Mission Control — like you always do — and enjoy the enhanced functionality. 

Acts via easy-to-remember shortcuts 

Not only can you close open windows one by one. Mission Control Plus also covers the so-needed batch actions for killing or hiding apps and closing all windows. In the app preferences, you can see the list of available shortcuts. If some of them feel redundant, uncheck and go with the useful ones. 

Control windows using keyboard shortcuts

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