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All-embracing content management
Meet AnyTrans, an app that handles all of your data transferring needs. Literally, all of them. No matter where your precious content is stored – iPhone, iPad, or iCloud drives – AnyTrans reaches into every corner.
Setapp turns two
On Jan 25, 2017, the first ever subscription service for Mac apps was born. Entering our third year of app business, we look back with lots of love and gratitude.
How to use snipping tools on Mac
Screenshots have become so ubiquitous nowadays that we don’t give them too much thought anymore. Yet every day we use them to show, explain, and communicate. Whether it’s sending an image of a software bug to customer support, a quick how-to GIF to a colleague, or a heartfelt joke a loved one, screenshots help us enrich and liven up our daily communication patterns.
CleanShot: No-clutter screen capturing
CleanShot customizes everything you capture, allowing you to make use of screenshots on the spot. Take a screenshot without any desktop icons in the background, add your own touch, and choose where it goes.
How to write better content with ProWritingAid
A professional grammar checker software and vocabulary enhancement tool rolled into one, ProWritingAid is the app that looks deeply into your writing to make it spotless.
Rearrange, add, and remove menu bar items with ease
Without a doubt, the menu bar is one of Mac’s great features. It’s condensed, easy to tap into on the fly, and displays much-needed information in real time. But, with every new icon app added, things become a little more cluttered and usability takes another hit. Fortunately, it’s possible to edit the menu bar to rearrange and remove icons so that it’s able to suit your needs at any given moment. Read on for the best ways to make the menu bar on Mac truly yours.
Keep Your Mac Menu Bar Tidy with Bartender
It’s the perfect way to add useful icons to your existing workflow: navigate your menu bar with hotkeys, manage updates, and search for particular app icons, all while maintaining a clear, straightforward menu bar. Here’s how to get really organized.
Easily Map a Network Drive on Mac
Thanks to macOS, network drive mapping is a pretty simple process even if you’re not particularly tech savvy.
Dropzone: A comfort zone for your Mac
When you’re neck-deep in work, a small tool that automates routine actions can be a life-saver. Here’s how Dropzone, a drag and drop utility for Mac, solves the problem.
A guide to making a mobile app on Mac: how to create an app for iPhone & Android with Setapp
Let’s focus on highlighting how some of useful pieces of software can help you to develop an app using tried and tested frameworks.