How to Rock at Being a Family

Welcome to Couple's Land! A land where the grass is evergreen and you love, understand and appreciate your partner. Until you don't. I believe we're all old enough to admit that relationships are not always all rainbows and doves. However, that doesn't mean that you don't love your spouse or are not happy with them. It just means that in the equations of daily life, you also need to take into account the harsh times, the chores, the repetitive actions, the tasks and everything else that at the beginning of your relationship sounded dull and unworthy of a passionate couple. Then the kids came and life got tough. But don't despair. Truth is, you love it, bad parts included. You just need a little help to sort it all out and get some inspiration to rekindle the spark with your partner or keep it burning!

Setapp curates the top couple apps and brings them together in an easy to manage spot, readily available to be used daily, by happy families. With something for everybody, from kids to parents and grandparents, Setapp is a great thing that can happen to your relationships. So let's start the countdown towards harmony in the family with the best apps for couples and some tips and tips on how to better organize yourself and also have fun!

Organize your day

Couple life is supposed to be thrilling and romantic and full of loving moments. However, in reality, there's little time left for enjoying each other, as couples hassle through their hours to go to work, pick up the kids from school, cook dinner, repair the sink, attend social gatherings and plan for the future. When did something so great turned into something so exhausting?  One of the reasons is the lack of organization. In order to gain valuable minutes to enjoy life as a couple, plan your day in advance and stick with your plan religiously! Because sometimes planning leaves time for being spontaneous. 

What do we mean? We mean you should use Setapp's included note-taking app: Alternote. Take 10 to 15 minutes every morning to sit with your spouse and make to-do lists for that day. Who will pick up the kids? Who will do the shopping? What should you buy? Should you make reservations for lunch with your parents on Sunday? Answer all these questions and put a deadline to every chore.

Alternote will help you with its simple and beautiful interface to take quick and complete notes, also giving you notifications. What's more, you can easily search Alternote for keywords and have a look at your lists to stay on track the entire day. And once the hassle is over, you'll find yourself pleased you've accomplished all you set up to do and, surprisingly, you'll still have time to rekindle the spark with your loved one. And that's the best thing on your "I-WANT-TO-DO" list.

Make your budget family-friendly

Whether you're a fresh couple trying to make the BIG merge by moving in together, or you're a veteran couple looking for a better way to make sense of your budget, MoneyWiz is the budgeting app of choice. Easily managed with Setapp, MoneyWiz can be your one-spot for gathering all your accounts, budgets and bills, while also retrieving powerful reports that will shed light on how to better handle your money. It's not easy to share financial responsibility and it's even harder to try to do so manually. MoneyWiz provides an instant sync for all your devices so you can easily get in tune with your better half.

Another stunning billing app that acts as a kind reminder for paying bills (if there is such a thing as "kind" when it comes to bills) is the Chronicle app. You see, with so many tasks and chores to take care of, paying the bills is just one more dreadful thing on your list of "stuff-to-do-before-I-can-relax-and-enjoy-life". A thing that's so easy to forget, especially since we almost never take joy in giving money away. Chronicle is the perfect solution for reminding you to pay your bills. It even helps you to pay them online. With all the proofs stored safely, Chronicle also tracks your spending and delivers a better way to budget bills that fluctuate so you can plan accordingly.

Become a more calculated family

Now that your budget is in place and your couple-life is more in-tune, it's time to do some other calculations. You see, the best apps for couples are the ones that manage to win you time in everything you do. So while spearing 30 seconds or a minute at a time might not seem like a big deal in the short run, it will make a difference long term!

Numi is a calculator app that does something plain amazing: it allows you to describe spending calculations in a natural way and instantly gets an answer. How? Simply write "$500 – 20%" or "today + 11 days" or "2 kg in pounds" or "$20 in euro" and voila! You'll immediately get your answer. With Numi you can solve expressions of any complexity, covering currency, length, area, dates, volume, time, temperature, css and data size conversion. So no matter if you're preparing a new dish, working on your latest handyman project or whatsoever, Numi can help you calculate and get to work, without wasting time or debating whether or not you did the calculations in your mind correctly.

Organize your home

Do you remember when you first moved in together, packed with enthusiasm (and a lot of unnecessary items your partner secretly hoped you'd throw away), promising to always keep your new house in perfect order and always know where everything is? About that…things didn't necessarily went your way once everyday life took over. Well, don't sweat it. Setapp includes in its offer an inventory app that's going to help you put order in your otherwise messy documents' affair: Home Inventory.

Home Inventory is one of the best inventory apps that will help you organize all those little (yet highly important!) pieces of paper you must keep: from receipts, to warranty information, product manuals, maintenance schedules, repair and improvement notes and a bunch of other useful info about your home and everything about it. So next time an appliance breaks, you won't find yourself hectically searching for the  warranty, turning all furniture in your house upside down, making a mess that you – yourself will have to clean up later. No. And you will no longer start quarrelling on the topic "I thought YOU knew where we put it!". Home Inventory brings an end to couple small feuds by allowing you to always know where things are. Have a break from stress and manually organizing everything, open Setapp and let Home Inventory do at least some of the work for you.

Get on the same page with your spouse

No matter how much time you spend with a person, you'll never going to be able to tell exactly what they're thinking. Sure, you might end up knowing them very well. Sometimes, it might even scare you how well you know them. But, even so, you'll never be able to read their mind and completely be on the same page. Think about it this way: during the day, you'll plan a lot of stuff – in your mind - but maybe never get the chance to bring your spouse up-to-date. However, you'll think you did and from here on, things can go south. Unless you have a little help.

Setapp brings you Cloud Outliner – for happy couples in the Cloud. The app basically allows you to create and share outlines between your devices and jot down ideas immediately so they can be shared with your spouse. From repair plans, to vacation ideas, to things you must buy for your kids and so on, Cloud Outliner makes it easy to synchronize and share your data in various ways. More than a sticky note tool, Cloud Outliner is a rich-text editor with a beautiful user-interface that allows extensive import and export functionalities. Thus, you can upload and share with your better half all the things you're dreaming or planning and actually turn them into reality.

Have something to look forward to

It is said the happiest couples are the ones who always have something to look forward to. Maybe it's a vacation (here's a great article on how to plan the best trips), or a concert, or an event or a simple weekend doing something you love. No matter the case, your busy life needs a reminder that you should also have some fun. Setapp helps you keep the spark alive with an app that allows you to countdown the seconds towards the events you're looking forward to: WaitingList.

This event countdown app is as simple as it gets, but it brings couples pure joy. WaitingList lets you add your favorite events and select a lovely theme for each. Then, it starts counting to the D-Day: seconds, minutes, hours, days. You can definitely feel the excitement growing as time lapses away and you feel compelled to discuss with your spouse how amazing that concert will be or how awesome that game is going to turn out (if your team wins, of course!). So bring in some happiness by anticipating the little joys in your life. It's going to make the sharing experience even better!

Who's in for some family fun?

Enough with the organizing and planning and budgeting and hassling. It's time to take off your shoes, pop the popcorn and come together for a pleasant family evening! And don't be stressed if you don't have anything planned yet. Setapp has some great family entertainment apps that will help you find something amazing in just moments.

Let's start with an awesome download app – Downie. You know this app will bring you loads of fun because, hey, even its name sounds like a lot of fun! Are you down with it?! Great, then you can start saving your favorite videos from the internet; from all over the internet. Downie is the perfect video download app that can retrieve from thousands of different sites, internationally, even in 4k! So you can easily collect the video's your kids love most or maybe that one film your mother loved and replay it for them on a nice family evening or in the moments you don't have an internet access.

Folx PRO is another great download manager app that has an inbuilt torrent download. The app allows you to label your downloads and organize them in a neat way. Easy to log in with smart password and login functionalities, Folx gives you access to your favorite entertainment, automatically adding the downloaded music and videos to your iTunes playlists. That's simply perfect for when you hit the road with your family or spend your days in nature.Of course, since you are teaching moral values such as fairness and ethics to your kids, you'll only download and upload content you have the rights for.

Once you've got your movies downloaded, you need a great player to well…see them. Setapp has (not a surprise anymore) an app for this too. Its name? Elmedia Player! This player app supports a ton of video and audio formats including FLV, SWF, MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, DAT, MP3. Elmedia Player also allows you to watch videos directly online through its built-in web browser, while also enhancing your viewing experience by adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation, even during playing. In all, you'll be able to have everything just the way you want it. What's left? Enjoy and relax!

Okay, we'll drop in another app that's great if you have kids and want to keep them entertained on road trips or even at home while you take care of chores: Permute. This conversion app allows you to transform videos, audio and image files to the specific format of your liking. Its beauty? It's so easy to use! It might just become the easiest thing you'll do as a couple. And it's insanely fast. You have to admit that it's hard to get things done when your kids scream and jump around you. Now, they can scream and jump as they like! You'll just hit a button and have their favorite show transformed and uploaded on a device they can watch it on. Your kids will go silent of excitement!

Show your family how much you care – Share Setapp

Sorting out your hectic couple schedule and transforming it into a neatly organized one will give you a boost of confidence and a few secrets to share with others. So, if you want to bring ease to another couple, pass it on.

Setapp can be a great gift for the loved ones in your life. Maybe to your parents, or your favorite couple, or your sister, or brother. Well, you get the point. All of us need a helping hand to sort out the crowded agenda of our days and Setapp brings a great arsenal of apps to mend our overloaded organizational skills. With loads of apps to aid you in completing your task faster and in a more likable way, Setapp is a blessing in the form of an app management tool. And look at the best part: you'll be seen as the cool digital couple that offers the latest presents! How great would that be? 

You're now ready to rock at being a couple!

Yes, you were already rocking the boat. But now you're truly ready to make some waves because there you have it: a few great ways of working on your couple organizing with some amazing couple apps, managed from one place: Setapp. However, this is just the beginning. Day by day, you'll discover more and more useful apps on Setapp, allowing you to improve your couples 'efficiency and enjoy more free time. Quality free time. So here's to happy families!