Theft protection for your Mac

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Beepify features

Beepify is an app that gives your Mac foolproof protection in public places. Whenever you have to step away from your Macbook, set Beepify to produce a loud sound when someone tries to close the lid or disconnect charger. You get notified about the attempt right away via messenger.

Designed to protect

There’s nothing more to it except two features that protect your computer: Beeping when someone tries to get his hands on the Mac and notifying you about it. This simple utility helps you avoid big trouble — days or even years of hard work that goes away with a stolen Mac.

Instant activation

You get started with Beepify in two seconds, with only two things to customize — triggers and notifications. Once you install the app, it will be instantly available from the menu bar. Just click the icon > Activate whenever you want to leave your Mac unattended.

Alert people around

A crowd is hardly an obstacle for a professional thief. An alerted crowd is a whole different story, though. No longer do you have to ask a person sitting next to you in a cafe to look out for your Mac. Beepify will do the job by alerting everyone around instead of a single person.

Get notified about the alarm

Whenever the alarm goes off, you’ll receive a notification in Telegram or Facebook Messenger — you can decide on any of the channels. So if there’s an attempt to steal your Mac, you not only scare off the would-be thieves, but also get the chance to catch them at the crime scene.

Customize triggers

To fit your routine and strengthen security, the app comes with three different triggers. You can set Beepify to play the alarm whenever your screen is closed, charger disconnected, or both. Use all three and there’s no chance your Mac will go missing.

Subscription options

As long as you own a Mac, you want it to be protected. Beepify caters for it by offering flexible subscription modes: $39.99 for lifetime protection, $19.99 as an annual payment, and only $9.99 per month if you use it alongside other apps on Setapp.

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