A smart and simple electronic lab notebook

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Having paper laboratory notebooks is so old fashioned. Use Findings to make it easier to collect, manage and analyze your observations and your data. Search, organize and share all your research activity, all within just one friendly app.
Sounds good? Well, it looks good, too.

Findings key features

Gather all your experiments in one place

Collect, edit, and manage all of your research in a fast and consistent way. Effortlessly follow your progress on the go. It’s easy to add some specific conditions to your experiments, run a timer or add a file.

Arrange your projects with ease

To be able to manage your experiments with easy and quickly find what you need, assign them to special projects. Once assigned, you’ll find the required one just within seconds. Focus on what matters the most for you every particular moment.

Smart protocols management

The app has a section for protocols to check, edit, and arrange them. One or several protocols can be easily added to an experiment. Once added, the protocol can be edited to keep track of the specific conditions for that day, while leaving the original version unchanged.

Smart export and import capabilities

Get one unit or your full collection of experiments and protocols into a PDF, with the attachments neatly arranged into folders. Or export Findings archives for simple yet powerful sharing and collaborating.

Your data follows you

Findings keeps your working materials in a key-value format that can be stored anywhere you want, and is at the same time optimized for sync. This means your data is always at hand, in an open-source format, and with minimum use of data traffic.

Dropbox sync and backup

Link the app to your Dropbox account, and you’ll have all your experiments and protocols automatically shared across your computers and iOS devices. With industry standard security.
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Free 7-day trial. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.
Latest version: 1.4.5
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.10+
All versions rating: 4.5/5, based on 915 user reviews
Pricing: $9.99/mo