Fast, pixel-perfect design reviews for iOS apps

Quickly compare your app design mockups with the developed product, without all the hassle. Flawless is a macOS tool that imports your designs out of Sketch and Zeplin into the iOS simulator, where your finished app is running. With Flawless, you’ll save time and costly back-and-forth by using a simple, focussed tool that does the exact job you need it to, nothing more, nothing less.

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Flawless features

Faster design reviews

Spotting differences between design and development just became a breeze. Simply import your Sketch, Zeplin, or image file designs, then compare them against the final product right inside the iOS simulator. Select your comparison mode, either an overlay or a split screen, to spot any visual discrepancies between the expected design and final result. Finally your design review time will be significantly reduced.

Streamline workflow across teams

Reduce costly friction points between teams by supercharging your design review process. Developers can compare designs against their work without needing a designer next to them, and vice versa. Attach animated GIFs to pull requests and tickets for simple review, instead of having to scroll through the whole design manually. Your QA team and project manager will love you for it.

Works with your design tools

Flawless plays nicely with your preferred design tools, so you don’t have to worry about using only the mainstream vendors. Drag and drop Sketch, Zeplin, JPG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF files into your iOS simulator, and Flawless will convert them to the correct format for iOS viewing — long mobile screens included! The team at Flawless has added multiple new formats and continues to do so as design tools evolve.

Test quickly across any iOS device

Smart design and development teams know that they need to test across multiple devices and screen sizes before a ticket is marked as complete. After importing your design into the iOS simulator, Flawless will automatically figure out what iOS device is being simulated (such as an iPhone 5, iPhone X, or iPad), then generate the correct design to ensure an accurate review. You can even launch multiple iOS simulators at the same time to explore different variations at once.

Lightweight and ready to go

Don’t bog your team down with more third-party libraries. Flawless is a lightweight application for your Mac that installs in seconds, ready to go without further setup. Simply launch an iOS simulator (which comes with Xcode and IDE for iOS or macOS development), and Flawless will quietly sit on top, ready to begin your next design review.

Merged into your workflow

Integrate Flawless into your workflow without friction. Flawless was created by UX and UI designers who know the process end-to-end. That’s why the app ships with an option for dark mode and an array of useful hotkeys for navigating through your designs without touching the mouse — a developer favorite.

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