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Photolemur features

Picture this: you take pictures, capturing your everyday moments, and those memories are as beautiful and vivid in the photo as they are actually. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Photolemur, an elegant new technology picture enhancer, makes this happen. The good thing about this is that your involvement is minimal, it automatically makes ideal pictures for you. You are not required to "tell" the software what preset to apply, all you need to do is to specify which photographs to enhance.

Get ideal images in a click

This robust image enhancer is there to create images that wow. It evaluates and adjusts any tiny element of your snaps - faces, objects, sky, everything. - to deliver the best result. Get professional-looking images in a snap.

Benefit from 12 smart technologies

This automated photo enhancement solution can make your images look amazing in a blink of an eye. Take full advantage of every app’s twelve cutting edge technologies that have been specially designed to automatically analyze and adjust any pictures.

Batch enhancement without limits

Get assisted with all sizes of your pictures. Instantaneously transform any volume of images. Let memories that matter to you last forever without unnecessary wastes of time on image sorting and editing.

Fully automated software

Make your snaps look really beautiful, sharp and professional in a quick automatic way. Stop wasting time on learning hard editing or performing multiple manual adjustments. Photolemur is powered by a number of special technologies to make your photos great without manual involvement.

Completely different from other photo editors

Unlike any other photo editor, Photolemur applies unique enhancements to all images. The app comes with special technology, which recognizes objects, faces, nature items. So, it can easily make custom enhancements unique to a specific photo.

Smart photography assistant

Use this powerful photo editor app whenever you want your snaps to look sharp and professional. With it, you will always have Pro looking vivid images without additional efforts and manual involvement and time waste.

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System Requirements: 10.11