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Strike is a modern writing app with powerful features like Smart Markdown, tables, attachments and photos, text sorting, tags, and more. Collaborate with others, password-protect documents, and sync it all with iCloud. Strike is the next generation of text editing for Mac and iOS Create Faster Write with Smart Markdown: use simple, plain text characters to add headers, formatting, links, and lists. Strike turns it all into beautiful, styled text. • Add professional tables and charts • Use MathJax to include mathematical equations • Attach files and images for easy organization • Automatically generate outlines • Apply themes and colors to individual files • Add inline notes and comments for review • Write anywhere with iCloud and Strike for iPad and iPhone (available separately) Collaborate On Documents • Edit with up to 10 others in real time • No service signups: share a simple iCloud link and start creating together • Password-protect sensitive documents • Lock files to prevent accidental edits • Keep track of versions and revert to previous edits Edit Faster • Fix errors quickly with spellcheck and autocorrect • Sort lines of text • Remove duplicates with one click • Convert outlines into paragraphs • Convert any text to upper, lower, title, or sentence case Organize • Add tags for quick navigation • View document statistics with a click • Export attachments and PDFs with ease
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Latest Version: 1.3.2
System Requirements: 10.13