SVG icon fonts library for Mac

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Webfont features

Organizing icons into icon fonts is like getting a wardrobe instead of having your clothes scattered all around the apartment. They are easy to load, easy to style with CSS, and generally help keep your codebase neat and clean. With Webfont, you can create and maintain your own library of icon fonts and SVG sprites — effortlessly

One spot for all fonts

Here’s how it works: Create a project inside Webfont, drop your vector icons there, customize, and export the resulting font to use it anywhere you want. You can have an endless number of projects and fonts — the app’s library is easy to navigate, so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Owned by an entire team

Webfont library is a great resource for designers and developers working on the same project. Invite them in and collaborate on the fonts. The app allows everyone to update an existing library, create new versions, and extract fonts to use them anywhere on a website.

Share your fonts, effortlessly

You can share the font you’ve generated with anyone. Send it as a link providing access to all font files and stylesheets that belong to it. Webfont works with virtually every font format (eot, woff, woff2, etc.) and stylesheet template (CSS, Less, SCSS, etc.)

Fonts are easy to update

Webfont helps generate new fonts for your ever-growing library, as well as keep the old ones up-to-date. Enhance existing fonts by adding new icons — drag and drop them onto the font, and it will be updated automatically. Export the font as usual and use it anywhere.

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