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Wokabulary makes it easy to build a comprehensive set of language flashcards. There are no physical cards to organize or lose, just a snappy interface. Wokabulary doesn’t force you to learn a particular curriculum. Instead, you customize the vocabulary to fit your needs. Whether you’re brushing up on your Russian or tackling Mandarin, Wokabulary helps cut out the hassle.
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Wokabulary key features

Huge language library

Learn as many languages as you want! The app supports over 100 languages, so your only limit is your imagination. Plus, you’ll be able to switch effortlessly between different flashcard sets with just a click.

Custom flashcards

Instead of learning the same old words and phrases, build your own library of flashcards. You can customize your deck to focus on certain subjects, parts of speech, or levels of advancement. We all learn language differently, and our flashcards should show it.

Tailored quizzes

Test your knowledge with two types of quizzes based on the flashcards you’ve created. These quizzes can cover just a few cards or your whole set. Take one daily to test your knowledge and learn where you need more practice.

Learns with you

The app’s difficulty rating tracks how well you’ve mastered each card. This lets you set yourself quizzes that focus on cards you don’t know well to patch up the holes in your vocabulary. The more you test yourself, the more you can target your practice.


Learning a language alone can be difficult, but Wokabulary helps you keep perspective with its “statistics” feature. The app tracks your performance on quizzes and organizes the results into an ongoing graph of your progress. Stay motivated!

Be the polyglot you always knew you could be

Imagine effortlessly switching between languages or being confident in your communication skills no matter where you go. Wokabulary can help you achieve your dream.
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Free 7-day trial. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.
Latest version: 4.6.1
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.10+
All versions rating: 4.5/5, based on 915 user reviews
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