On Setapp for Teams, you can find more than 200 Mac applications for any developer task. We curate our collection with meticulousness and attention to detail, featuring only relevant and useful apps on our platform.

As people that love to curate everything, we asked our clients and internal development team about their favorite Mac applications for developers. Here we'll share some of their top finds. Check them out:


More or less, all developers work with APIs in their careers. Why don't you streamline daily work and cut the routine of working with APIs? RapidAPI, a Mac-exclusive application, helps you with critical tasks like debugging and testing APIs in one sleek interface.

Some of the key features of RapidAPI include convenient syntax highlight, code preview, REST API extensions, and support of different dynamic environments. The app also enables easy migration of API calls from Postman, cURL, and Advanced Rest Client. Did we mention that RapidAPI is a native Mac application? That means absolute security and smooth work. 


Our clients call Dash their must-have Mac application, and here's why. Dash comes in handy every time you have a poor Wi-Fi connection or go offline. Dash is a comprehensive collection of more than 200 documentation sets for all possible frameworks, programming languages, and operating systems. On top of that, you'll find 100+ cheatsheets with commands and shortcuts for productive work. 

Do you feel like customizing your depositary of API documentation? Dash allows you to integrate with popular package managers and generate your own documentation sets. Also, you can set up smart search profiles that'll filter only necessary docsets, like web development-only documentation.


Gitfox is like Git, your favorite version control system, but better. Its main benefit over a classic Git application is a simple interface with great visualization, namely:

  • Advanced diffs that show the difference between a previous commit and a current one. For example, you can track the usage of correct assets like images and navigate through the code with Line Staging. 
  • Full-text search and query highlights that ease the resolution of merge conflicts.
  • Markdown support.

Besides, Gitfox is a native Mac application that means Touch Bar shortcuts, Drag & Drop for basic operations like branching, merging, pushing commits, etc. 


Think about DevUtils as a toolbox of handy utilities for typical developer tasks. This application contains around thirty tools that include a JSON converter, JWT debugger, Text Diff checker, HTML beautifier, HTML preview, Unix time converter, and more.

DevUtils works offline so that you can work from any place and any time. The offline capability also contributes to data security. Next time you'll need to convert your JSON files, you won't need to use third-party platforms and give away any sensitive data. 


TablePlus is a lifesaver for developers that work with multiple relational databases. The first thing that delights users is its blazing speed and performance. Second, TablePlus helps you navigate through numerous databases seamlessly in dedicated windows and tabs. A standard interface is distraction-free. You can switch to a dark theme if you like.

A powerful script editor with syntax and error highlighting helps you write bug-free code and test your outcome in a safe mode with a code preview. 

Other powerful features of TablePlus include built-in client apps and drivers for extensive database management, third-party integrations capabilities, and security features like data encryption.

People say that the picture is worth a thousand words. We say that trying out applications with our team is worth a thousand reviews. Invite your colleagues to Setapp for Teams to test our collection of vetted Mac applications for software development, UX design, project management, and more.