When new, your Mac is like a shiny crystal glass, just perfect. But there’s always room for perfection, and your Mac is no exception. Make your work life easier by checking the list of our favorite Mac utility apps from Setapp for Teams collection – some of them are real gems. Boost your Mac productivity, prolong its battery life, clean system folders, and manage networks with these tools. 

Keep your Mac always new with CleanMyMac X

Keeping your Mac clean is a must if you want it to stay fast and secure. Even if your Mac keeps a lot of junk, this small one-of-a-kind app can do miracles to it. Cleaning is caring, so don’t forget to regularly get rid of all the unnecessary files on your beloved Mac. Clean My Mac X helps to clean all system folders, iTunes, Photos, Mail, browsers and lets them shine like brand new. 

Check the magical one-button Smart Scan to see potential system threats. CleanMyMac X will check your system and, in a flash, will suggest what needs to be done for speedup optimization. Don’t worry, no files will be deleted without your agreement.

It keeps an eye on your malware and privacy and leaves your Mac 100% protected, scans your iTunes and Photos for cache, old device backups, broken downloads, and securely deletes sensitive information that you want to get rid of for good. CleanMyMac X gives a new look to your Mac – it’s like getting a new Lamborghini after riding your granddad’s pickup.

Unzip with BetterZip, the multipurpose unzip utility for Mac

It’s literally the most perfect unzip utility for Mac one has ever tried. Browse archive contents and preview the files without extracting the whole archive. Create presets to save and extract archives in a click. Use the new BetterZip button in Finder to quickly get access to your presets. Add as many BetterZip services to the Services menu as you like and filter unwanted files while they’re extracting.

Archiving like a piece of art with Archiver

In a nutshell, the most easy-to-use archiver your Mac has ever met. Who said it should be painful? This app lets you perform any archiving options: unpacking archives of any formats, squeezing files into the necessary file format and taking a sneak peek of the archive contents in QuickLook. Now you can extract only what you need. 

Keep your sensitive data private and safe, and protect such files by keeping them in encrypted formats. You can also split files into smaller ones if you have a large file that doesn’t fit anywhere.

Manage all your colors with Sip, an all-in-one colorsync utility (Mac)

That’s a priceless colorsync utility (Mac) for designers, artists, and everyone who’s working with colors. Edit and organize colors, and gather them in one place. Link colors via Sip with other tools you use and share them with your teammates to perform daily tasks faster. Simply auto-copy to seize a color and put it into another tool you’re currently using. Extremely comfy.

Make your Mac work longer with Endurance

Extend the life of your Mac’s battery by slowing down your processor’s work. Easy as one-two-three. Actually, this app is a pack with a few tools to increase your Mac productivity. 

Check the apps that slow down your battery and put them to sleep when you need your Mac to have more energy. You can reopen them any minute. Or turn off Turbo mode to save up some power. You’ll make your Mac processor a little bit slower, but it will last longer without recharging. Your lovely screen needs a lot of energy to stay shiny, so Endurance dims it after a while, but trust us, you won’t even notice.

Monitor your WiFi with WiFi Explorer, flawless network Mac utility

This app gives you full power to examine your WiFi performance. Check your networks and fix whatever you possibly find. This network utility (Mac) allows you to discover, monitor, and solve any WiFi issues on your Mac. Identify channel conflicts and coverage issues, and get useful insights into making networks work like a dream. Navigate and validate your network configuration, search for the best channels for your network, or determine a better placement for your access points with this great MacOS network utility.

MacPilot, an all-in-one swiss army knife in your Mac

MacPilot is a small app with impressive insides. Boost your Mac potential with a variety of unique features and unlock its superpower. Mute the startup chime, limit system RAM, dive into app settings, disable spellchecking in Safari, site icons or caching, edit info for files and folders, access Bluetooth and other system tools in a click. It combines Mac file copy utility, printer utility (Mac) and is an excellent alternative to Directory utility (Mac). Also, you can personalize your iTunes and have total control over your Mac power settings. Whew! And that’s not even all. Check MacPilot and ensure it’s fantastic.

Cleanshot X, a powerful Mac screenshot utility

Cleanshot X is a great alternative to Grab utility (Mac), and let’s see why. You can make over 50 different changes to your screenshot after it’s been made. Emphasize what’s essential, upload your files to the Cloud, and get a link to share with teammates. Capture screen scrolls or record screens as videos or GIFs, pin screenshots to your desktop to always see them, hide your desktop icons on your captures, and many other features. Save, drag and drop, or copy screenshots or recordings to other tools you use. Cleanshot X is a screenshot utility (Mac) that fits every stable workflow.

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